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Women’s Economic Summit Begins in Nigeria

Creating better opportunities for women is key to Africa's economic development, a Nigerian minister said at the opening of a two-day African women's economic...

Only Africans Can Develop Africa

The founder of the Tony Elumelu Foundation (TEF), Mr. Tony Elumelu, has said that the private sector in Africa countries must be the leading...

An African President of the World Bank Is Not the Solution,...

The hegemony and legitimacy of both the World Bank and International Monetary Fund is too-often nonchalantly presumed. Not only has the World Bank failed...

Ethiopia Can Compete Globally in Light Manufacturing and Spur Economic Growth...

“Light manufacturing can offer a viable path for Ethiopia and other African countries as they transform their economic structure and strive for productive job...

Nigeria Ranks 44th Globally in External Reserves

Nigeria currently ranks 44th position globally in the size of its external reserves, which has been put at US$34.68 billion as at March 8,...

‘Nigeria the Epicenter of Africa’s Economic Growth’

Leading market analysts and industry regulators have described Nigeria's economic growth rate as exceptional, in spite of its huge infrastructure deficit, at a time...

World Bank Sees Foreign Direct Investment Streaming Into Africa in 2012

Capital flows into Africa is projected to grow significantly in 2012 as investors seeking higher returns are streaming out of Europe, and looking to...

Tanzania On Stairways to Economic Heaven – World Bank Report

Tanzania can achieve her vision of accelerated and shared growth through the combination of fiscal prudence, cost-effective reforms in the education sector, and smart...

Kenyan Firms Dominate East Africa’s Cross-Border Investments

Kenya has been attracting the the least Foreign Direct Investment from its East Africa neighbors, despite spreading its investments across the region's economies. Intense competition...

World Bank Lauds Rwanda On Food Security

The World Bank Vice President for Sustainable Development, Rachel Kyte, said Rwanda put in place the right measures to ensure a food secure population. "This is one of the countries where you can see the impact of investment made after the 2008 food crisis," Kyte said Sunday during a news conference at the World Bank office in Kigali after her three-day visit during which she toured various projects funded by the bank across the country. She added that the government's response was to ensure that any future food crisis will not have direct impact on Rwanda.

African Consumers Grow Despite Inflation

In a cafe on the terrace of an upmarket Nairobi mall, well-heeled Kenyans sip coffee as shoppers in the car park navigate between BMW X5s, Toyota Land Cruisers and Mercedes. Sales at this Java House outlet along the Ngong Road were up last year, says Kevin Ashley, a Californian who co-founded the chain of 14 coffee houses 13 years ago. Kenya's rich and new middle classes have a growing taste for lattes and ice cream.

African Economies ‘To Remain Resilient’ in 2012

While economic growth in Africa will remain subdued at about 5% in 2012, in line with an expected slowdown in global activity, none of the continent's key economies are expected to slip into recession, a new report by Standard Bank says. The bank's latest African Markets Revealed report examines some of the key international and local factors that will drive markets in 21 African economies and covers strategies for investing in the continent across foreign exchange, interest rates, equities and Eurobonds.

2012 a Turning Point for kenyan Economy Says World Bank

The World Bank says that 2012 could prove to be a 'defining year' for the Kenyan economy if she can overcome political obstacles in her path. Following the launch of the latest Kenya Economic update, a WB report says that despite facing challenges including national elections, the establishment of a new system of devolved government and the possibility of a deteriorating global economy, that the "surging" information and communications technology field could boost the performance of a number of sectors, including transportation, agriculture and infrastructure.

South African Power Utility Gets $250 Million Loan for Wind, Solar...

South Africa signed a $250-million (183-million-euro) loan deal with the World Bank on Monday aimed at adding 200 Megawatts of solar and wind power to the coal-dependent country's grid.

Africa's Economy: Good Boom, Bad Timing

Africa has picked a really bad time to launch its economic boom, says one finance minister resignedly. In Washington for the World Bank and International Monetary Fund annual meetings on 23-25 September, he had just heard the Bank's Chief Economist for Africa, Shantayanan Devarajan, talk about the continent's 'robust growth

North Sudan On the Verge of Economic Collapse; Govt Pleads for...

The Sudanese economy faces collapse unless the international community steps in to provide assistance in the area of debt relief, the foreign minister Ali Karti said on Thursday.