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A Reflection On Barack Obama’s Rise To Power And His Legacy

AFRICANGLOBE - The presidency of Barack Hussein Obama has ended. He has handed over power to the now president Donald Trump. The man who made hope a commodity and a seductive feeling for many people when he shot into the limelight in 2008 to embark on his then seemingly unlikely journey to the White House shed tears as he bid farewell to his presidency. Let us examine the legacy of the first African American president and his legacy in Africa from where his father hailed.

U.S. Extends Illegal Sanction On Zimbabwe

AFRICANGLOBE - “One billion Africans are happy with President Mugabe as their chairman, so are 250 million citizens of sadc who adore him as their leader. The American administration claims to represent 300 million people. “Are they more worth than majority of Africans?

Obama: White Terror, Black Tears

AFRICANGLOBE - When all is seen and assessed, Obama’s presidency raised Black hopes that today collapse into a heap of Black bitterness. To die under White rule strikes me as a lot more honourable, a better tribute to race history, than to be sacrificed under the rule of one of your own. The epitaph in the one is that the White world killed you; the epitaph in the other is that the Black president failed you, could not save you.

US Cuts Aid To Uganda Over Anti-Homosexuality Law

AFRICANGLOBE - The United States under Barack Hussein Obama II has cut aid to Uganda and cancelled a military exercise in response to a law that imposes penalties on homosexuality.

Top 10 Things Black America Will Have To Show For 8...

AFRICANGLOBE - When Barack Obama leaves the White House in 2017, what will Black America have to show for making his political career possible? We'll have the T-shirts and buttons and posters, the souvenirs. That will be the good news. The bad news is