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US Demands Stoppage Of South Sudan Military Offensive

AFRICANGLOBE - South Sudan admitted on Sunday that the United States had demanded it immediately halt a military offensive against foreign backed rebels groups and accelerate talks to end the ongoing conflict.

Govt of South Sudan Accuses Sudan of Using Militia to Block...

AFRICANGLOBE - South Sudan accused the government of neighbouring Sudan on Tuesday of recruiting and using rebel militia to destabilise the young nation in order to block Juba's plans to build a new alternative oil pipeline. Deputy defence minister Majak D'Agot (L) and information minister Barnaba Marial Benjamin (R) at news conference in Juba, 12 February 2013 (ST)

Renewed Calls for ‘Steep’ Sanctions On Sudan Over Abyei

South Sudan said it is time the international community imposes "steep sanctions" on Sudan for its "deliberate" failure to comply with a Security Council resolution calling for an end to hostilities and the immediate withdrawal of troops from Abyei.

South Sudan Announces Pullout of Oil-Rich Heglig

Sudan announced on Friday that its armed forces defeated South Sudan army and regained full control of oil-producing region of Heglig, shortly after Juba...

South Sudan Govt in Talks With Texas Company On Oil Pipeline

The government of South Sudan is in talks with a Texas-based company to explore options for building an oil pipeline which would serve as...