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Sudan’s Opposition Urges Citizens to Prepare for ‘Decisive Battle’ With Bashir

The coalition of mainstream opposition parties in Sudan, the National Consensus Forces (NCF), has reiterated its commitment to topple the regime of president Omer Al-Bashir by all legitimate means, urging citizens across the country to prepare for the "decisive battle"

Sudan Arrests Former Spy Chief and High Ranking Officers Over Plot

Sudan arrested its former spy chief and other senior military and security officers on Thursday after foiling what officials said was a plot to...

Sudan Ready to Accept Abyei’s Partition Says Russian Envoy

Sudan is ready to accept Abyei's partition, to end the dispute over this region with South Sudan, said Mikhail Margelov, Russian President Vladimir Putin's...

Egypt Denies Deal With Sudan to Attack Ethiopian Dam

An Egyptian official has emphatically denied what his government defined as "allegations" that his country had reached an agreement with neighboring Sudan to use...

Sudan’s Wanted President Visits Egypt

Egyptian President Mohamed Mursi met with Sudan's wanted President Omar al-Bashir in Cairo on Sunday as the Egyptian government dismissed calls for the visiting...

Protests in Sudan Grows Despite Bashir’s Speech

The Sudanese capital has become the scene for growing protests against austerity measures of the government of President Omar al Bashir. The protests started last...

Sudan-South Sudan: 
The Threat of War Looms Larger

South Sudan has withdrawn from the oil centre of Heglig, but while the April stand-off allowed Juba to flex its muscles the diplomatic dismay...

Sudan Govt Rejects Security Council Resolution – Refuse to Negotiate

The leadership council of Sudan's ruling National Congress Party (NCP) chaired by president Omer Hassan al-Bashir announced late Wednesday that it does not agree...

Are The Two Sudans Heading for War?

South Sudan President Salva Kiir Mayadrit brushed aside calls to withdraw his army from the oil-rich region of Heglig after being asked to do...

Mbeki Downplays Prospects of Full Scale War Between Two Sudans

The chair of the African Union High Implementation Panel (AUHIP), former South Africa President, Thabo Mbeki, on Thursday, dismissed fears and speculations suggesting possibilities...

South Sudan Pleads for International Assistance in Tackling Khartoum’s Aggression

South Sudan is now urging the international community to urgently intervene and resolve a crisis between the new nation and its northern neighbour, which...

South Sudan Civil Society Groups Call For Arrest of Sudan’s Bashir

South Sudan should not tarnish its reputation as the world's newest nation by hosting the international fugitive, Omer al-Bashir, a coalition of South Sudanese...

George Clooney Arrested Protesting Against Genocide in Sudan

Actor George Clooney and several members of the US Congress were handcuffed and arrested outside Sudan's embassy as they demanded an end to an...

The Beginning Of The End For The Khartoum Regime

AFRICANGLOBE - Events are spiralling out of the usually tight control of Sudan's President Omar Al Bashir and his regime. Letting go of the troublesome South has caused more problems than it has solved, the various rebel movements are uniting against the government and even Bashir's normally placid northern subjects are getting jittery as the economy collapses.

Wikileaks: Ethiopian PM Tells U.S That Removing Bashir Regime Is 'Preferred...

The Ethiopian Prime minister Meles Zenawi told the U.S. administration that toppling the government led by Sudanese president Omer Hassan al-Bashir would be the ideal scenario for Washington, according to leaked diplomatic cable.

Arab North Now Escalating its Aggression by Bombing Southern Villages

Civilians in south Sudan say jets from the north are launching attacks on villages close to the border. We have obtained exclusive pictures of the village of Jaw after it was allegedly bombed by the Sudanese air force. Among the dead are women and children