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Ethiopians Celebrate The Battle Of Adwa, Call For Unity

AFRICANGLOBE - Bedecked in lion mane collars, warriors’ headdresses and military fatigues, thousands of Ethiopians descended on Addis Ababa’s main squares to celebrate the anniversary of the Battle of Adwa – one of Ethiopia’s finest hours in the battlefield. It was in the northern town of Adwa 123 years ago that poorly-armed Ethiopians – clad in such attire – routed an Italian force that sought to expand Rome’s fledgling 19th century colonial empire.

Ethiopia Marks The 121st Anniversary Of The Victory Over Colonization

AFRICANGLOBE - Ethiopians held a colorful event to mark the country’s victory on March 2nd, 1896 against European colonial powers (Italy) that made them become the only African country to defeat a colonial power and avoid colonization. ‘‘Our ancestors have made huge sacrifices to safeguard the sovereignty of the country and pass it on to existing generations,’ said Ethiopian President Mulatu Teshome during an event in the capital, Addis Ababa.

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AFRICANGLOBE - For much of Ethiopia and its diaspora, Adwa’s significance is every bit as political as it is personal. In the bloodstained landscape that is Ethiopian history, Adwa is known primarily as the site at which the decisive final battle in the First Italo-Ethiopian War was fought. The Battle of Adwa, fought Mar. 1, 1896, was a violent clash between Italian imperial forces and the army of Ethiopia (known then as Abyssinia), composed of citizens who gathered from throughout the country to defend the nation’s sovereignty.

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AFRICANGLOBE - The celebration of the Battle of Adwa is the Ethiopian equivalent of U.S. Independence Day, Emperor Menelik II and the Empress Taytu, along with an army of Ethiopian citizens, repelled a well-armed Italian force on March 1, 1896. The Italians were trying to occupy and eventually colonize Ethiopia, but was sorely beaten in the Battle of Adwa.