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Foreign Companies Smiling All The Way To The Bank On Jamaica’s...

AFRICANGLOBE - There’s nothing new-fangled about bauxite mining in Jamaica. The Jamaican bauxite and alumina industry has a rich history in the world of commodities. It even played a cameo in the James Bond film “Dr. No,” whose island lair was filmed at a Jamaican bauxite terminal. In the 1960s and early 1970s, the island was the world’s largest bauxite producer and one of the top makers of alumina.

Africa’s Missing Mineral Wealth

AFRICANGLOBE - So let's assume for one moment that you are an international corporate executive responsible for your company's emerging market strategy. You are hearing a lot more about Africa of late, and feel strongly that your organisation needs a well-researched and informed strategy on a continent that has for so long evaded your radar.