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ANC Losing Control of South Africa?

AFRICANGLOBE - Is the ANC losing control of South Africa? That’s the intriguing premise explored in a story on the BBC. The piece focuses on...

Julius Malema: ANC Expulsion Over When Jacob Zuma is Out

Julius Malema says his expulsion from the ANC will be automatically overturned should Jacob Zuma lose the party's presidency in December. Julius Malema, who was...

Video Evidence Surfaces of the Aftermath of Mark Duggan’s Killing

Footage from the scene where Mark Duggan was shot by the police last year have been obtained by the BBC. Duggan died from a single gunshot...

Summit Opts to Resurrect Black Business Council in South Africa

The decision taken at South Africa's Black Business Summit to revive the Black Business Council (BBC) to represent the voice of organised black business has been welcomed by analysts.

NABJ Protests BBC’s Biased Reporting

The National Association of Black Journalists wrote an open letter to the UK’s BBC protesting its recent coverage of the London riots, calling it racially insensitive.

Black Men Unfairly Targeted in Riot Coverage

Black Men were unfairly targeted in media coverage of the recent UK riots, claimed a majority of readers who voted in a recent British online poll.

War on Black Britons: BBC Racist Says Black Culture Turned Whites...

Well known british historian and broadcaster David Starkey has been blasted for his comments on BBC TV where he blamed ‘black culture’ for turning white youngsters into looters.

BBC Human Rights Documentary a Sham Says Expert

A leading analyst of the diamond industry has punctured holes into the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) documentary that purports to expose human rights violations at Zimbabwe's Marange diamond fields.

BBC Forced to Apologise Over Biased Riot Coverage

Readers of a British Newspaper were left outraged after the BBC aired a controversial debate, which asked whether there was a ‘problem with young black men,’ following the recent riot in Tottenham.