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Nazi Physicians And Human Experiments In Rwanda

AFRICANGLOBE - After the Genocide, in an effort to root out division among the Rwandan people, ethnic profiling was outlawed in Rwanda.

This European Dog Is The Most Vile Creature To Have Ever...

AFRICANGLOBE - He was the leader of a European country. A head of state with an immense amount of power. And he oversaw one of the most vile genocides that the world has ever seen. Yet we’re not talking about Adolf Hitler here. In fact, there’s a very real chance that you’ve never even heard this tyrant’s name before. During his reign he was responsible for the slaughter of more than 10 million people. He turned a chunk of Africa into his own personal slave plantation and killing ground, where he ruled with an iron fist. Indeed, the crimes that were carried out in his name are enough to turn anyone’s stomach.

Tsvangirai Targets Belgium to Fund Election Campaign

MDC-T leader Morgan Tsvangirai is expected to leave London tomorrow for Brussels, Belgium, reportedly on a mission to beg for money to sponsor his...

Colonial Creep: Belgian Defence Chief Visits Congo

AFRICANGLOBE - Belgium’s Chief of Defence has visited the Republic of the Congo under the guise of strengthening military cooperation between the two countries.

Patrice Émery Lumumba

AFRICANGLOBE - Patrice Émery Lumumba (2 July 1925 – 17 January 1961) was a Congolese independence leader and the first legally elected Prime Minister of the Republic of the Congo after he helped win its independence from Belgium in June 1960. Only twelve weeks later, Lumumba's government was deposed in a coup orchestrated by Belgium and supported by the United States.