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Will Africa Ever Benefit From its Natural Resources?

Whether Africa will ever benefit from its natural resources is a question that is more relevant now than ever, as new discoveries of coal,...

China Committed to Stronger Economic Ties With Africa

China has reaffirmed its commitment to strengthen its cooperation with Africa, stressing that ties will focus on respect for human rights and mutual benefit, a top Chinese official said in Addis Abeba on Sunday at the opening of the 18th Ordinary session of the African Union Assembly.

Ties With Emerging Economies to Benefit Africa

African countries south of the Sahara are set to benefit from their engagement with emerging economies like China, India and Brazil as these powerful economies outsource some of their industrial activities. There is increasing indication that emerging economies seek to outsource some of their industrial activities, particularly in light manufacturing, to developing nations. This would be a change of attitude from regarding developing countries, especially those in Africa, as sources of raw materials.

African American Workers: False Expectations About Retirement Saving

I am an African American financial advisor. However, African Americans and other minorities have been a very small part of my wealth management business—so small, in fact, that the phenomenon spurred me to discover if what I have experienced holds true across the countr