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After Five Years Of Chaos Libyans Really Miss Gaddafi

AFRICANGLOBE - Five years after an uprising killed Libya’s Muammar Gaddafi, residents in the capital spoke about how they have grown to miss the longtime strongman as the frustrations of daily life mount. "I hate to say it but our life was better under the previous regime," Fayza Al Naas, a 42-year-old pharmacist, told reporters referring to Gaddafi’s more than four decades of rule.

Deadly Fighting Erupts In Libya’s Benghazi

AFRICANGLOBE - Heavy fighting is raging in the eastern Libyan city of Benghazi, apparently between the armed group Ansar al-Sharia and irregular forces loyal to Khalifa Haftar, a former army general.

43 Killed In Libya Clashes, Authorities Close Benghazi Airport

AFRICANGLOBE - Forty-three people were killed in Friday clashes between two militias and army troops loyal to a rogue general in Libya. The country’s authorities called the military offensive a “coup” and closed Benghazi's airport.

9 Killed As The Libyan Army Battle Islamist Militias In Benghazi

AFRICANGLOBE - Clashes between Libyan troops and an armed group in the eastern city of Benghazi have killed at least nine people and wounded at least 47 during a military operation, the interior ministry said. The Libyan army on Monday declared "a state of alert" in Benghazi and summoned all troops to report for duty after the battle with Ansar al-Sharia fighters erupted.

Fierce Fighting Erupts in the Eastern Libyan City of Benghazi

AFRICANGLOBE - At least four soldiers and one civilian have been killed after special forces clashed with armed fighters in the eastern port city of Benghazi, the army has reported.

Libya Issues Ultimatum to Militias

AFRICANGLOBE - Last week-end's bloody attack on anti-militia protesters in Benghazi stirred a large debate about the role of the military in a country that has been suffering from security turmoil since the fall of the Gaddafi regime.

Libyan Militia Kills 31 people in Benghazi

AFRICANGLOBE - The chief of staff of Libya's army has resigned after an outbreak of unrest in the second city, Benghazi, which claimed 31 lives. The fighting began after protesters converged on a base used by armed militia.

3 Controversies That May Hurt President Obama’s 2nd-Term Agenda

AFRICANGLOBE - President Obama's second-term agenda is being threatened by three brewing controversies that could blossom into full-fledged scandals if the Republicans have anything to do with them

Libya: Deadly Car Bomb Near Benghazi Hospital

AFRICANGLOBE - A car bomb explosion near a hospital in the Libyan city of Benghazi has killed several people, officials say. Defence ministry official in Benghazi Saleh al-Bargathi said nine people died, including two children. However, other sources spoke of three deaths.

Libya: Benghazi Police Mutiny After U.S. Envoy Killed

Libyan police in Benghazi have mutinied and refuse to serve under the man appointed by the government to take over security following last week's...

Libya: “Revolutionaries” Massacre U.S. Diplomat and Torch Consulate

The U.S. ambassador to Libya and three other Americans were killed in an attack on the U.S. Consulate in Benghazi by protesters angry over...

Libya’s Slow Disintegration Comes As No Surprise

After having initiated the uprising that eventually ousted Muammar Gaddafi last September, on March 6th, authorities in Benghazi, through their leader,Ahmed Zubair Senussi, declared...

Armed Clashes Erupt After Federalist Rally in Libya

Backers and opponents of federalism clashed in the eastern Libyan city of Benghazi on Friday with guns, rocks and knives, amid conflicting reports on...

Fear of Disintegration in Libya as Benghazi Declares Autonomy

Tribal leaders and militia commanders have declared oil-rich eastern Libya a semiautonomous state, a unilateral move that the interim head of state called a...

New Libya Off to a Shaky Start

It's been almost a year since Benghazi launched its uprising against former Libyan president Muammar Gaddafi and three months since he was killed, but there is a growing sense of frustration in eastern Libya with the National Transitional Council. Two weeks ago, a group of protesters attacked the Council's Benghazi headquarters as chairman Mustafa Abdeljalil was inside, forcing him to flee through the back door.

The Libya Editorial Someone Doesn’t Want You To Read

AFRICANGLOBE - More than two months after The Wall Street Journal wrote about what amounted to ethnic cleansing of Black people in Misurata, The New York Times in today's edition finally writes another piece about the racist attacks against Black people by the NATO-backed "rebels."