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Did the Prosecutor Deliberately Screw Up the Zimmerman Case?

Listening to the lead prosecutor's final argument in the Zimmerman case, it's hard to believe he really wanted a conviction. Lead prosecutor Bernie de la Rionda lost focus from the moment he opened his mouth and began: "A teenager is dead. He is dead through no fault of his own. He is dead because another man made assumptions…."

George Zimmerman An Angry Vigilante

AFRICANGLOBE - A Florida prosecutor painted George Zimmerman as an angry vigilante who "tracked" Trayvon Martin through a gated community and provoked the confrontation that claimed the teenager's life in a scorching summation Thursday.

Prosecutors in Trayvon Martin Shooting Leak Defense List

Prosecutor Bernie de la Rionda in the Trayvon Martin Shooting case, in which George Zimmerman is being charged with second-degree murder of the teenager,...

George Zimmerman Trial Date Set for June 10

A Florida judge Wednesday set a June 10, 2013, date for the trial of George Zimmerman on charges of second-degree murder in the shooting...

George Zimmerman Set to Go Free on One Million Bond

The Florida neighborhood watch volunteer who killed Trayvon Martin can leave jail on $1-million bond while awaiting trial on a second-degree murder charge, a...