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Did Beyonce Really Make $300 Million Off The Uber IPO?

AFRICANGLOBE - There's a very popular tweet floating around the web today that claims Beyonce made $300 million off Uber's IPO. The story goes that at some point a few years ago Beyonce performed a private concert for Uber employees and instead of taking $6 million in cash as payment, she requested $6 million in stock. That story is actually true. But is it true that those shares are worth $300 million today? Let's dig into it…

Inauguration Highlight How Obama is Falling Out of Love With Black...

AFRICANGLOBE - President Obama has opted for fewer Blacks in his second term inaugural program. Outside of his selection of Medgar Evers' widow, Myrlie Evers-Williams to do the invocation, the blackest person on the inauguration program is Beyonce, who has portrayed herself in black face.

WHAT!: Pres. Obama Praises Beyoncé as Role Model for His Daughters

Barack Obama has praised Beyoncé as the perfect role model for his daughters. The president spoke at a fundraiser the singer and her husband Jay-Z...