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Bill Cosby Just Sold A Valuable Painting And Took Out A...

AFRICANGLOBE - You probably weren't in need of additional evidence that things aren't exactly going great for Bill Cosby. He's currently in prison, serving a 3-10 year sentence on charges of sexual assault, and now he and his wife Camille Cosby are looking to shore up their capital reserves. The first step? They've sold a valuable piece of their extensive art collection. Step two? They've taken out a loan against their vast art collection which has been described as one of the best in America.

Bill Cosby Is A distraction, These White Males Are The Real...

AFRICANGLOBE - Rest assured, the NYTimes will undoubtedly continue to make liberal running jokes about Bill Cosby in any article they publish, whether it has to do with sex or not, while they will keep the lid on the Weiners, the Weinsteins and the Clintons. The reason they will do it is straightforward: Keep the racist ideology of “whites are good; Blacks are bad” alive. Keep the gullible unthinking neanderthals stooped in the idea that only Black men commit crimes.

Nevada Extends Statute Of Limitations In Order To Target Bill Cosby

AFRICANGLOBE - The sexual assault allegations against Bill Cosby, from one woman in particular, has led to a change in Nevada law. Gov. Brian Sandoval will sign a bill into law this afternoon to extend the statute of limitations for criminal prosecution of rape.

Model Who Says Bill Cosby Sexually Abused Her Meets With Police

AFRICANGLOBE - A model who claims Bill Cosby drugged and sexually abused her at the Playboy Mansion met with Los Angeles police on Wednesday to pursue criminal charges against the comedian over the alleged 2008 incident.

Whoopi Goldberg Skeptical Of Bill Cosby Accuser: ‘Don’t You Do A...

AFRICANGLOBE - ABC's "The View" spent a significant portion of Monday's episode discussing the resurfacing of rape allegations against comedian Bill Cosby, but Whoopi Goldberg refused to pass early judgment. Instead, the host expressed doubts over actress Barbara Bowman's accusations and suggested she might come onto the program to answer a few questions directly.

Don Lemon is a Gay Black Man, He Should Know Better...

Don Lemon is the most recent iteration in a long tradition of African-Americans who publicly scold and shame the black community’s “bad morals” and “defective culture". Black celebrities such as Bill Cosby have taken up this habit. Barack Obama has enjoyed giving such sermons. Black conservatives appear to exist for the sole purpose of criticizing the African-American community and legitimating White racism by the Right.

Black People and Their Wealth

AFRICANGLOBE - There are three men and two women whose collective wealth is more than $37 billion! According to the latest Forbes calculations, Aliko Dangote of Nigeria tops the list with a net worth of more than $16 billion! Mohammed Al-Amoudi, with a net worth of $13 billion, is said to own over 70% of all the oil in Ethiopia and produces 4 tons of gold per year.

Philadelphia Mayor Nutter: Speaking the Truth to Black Youths

Philadelphia Mayor Michael Nutter went where few Black leaders have gone by speaking truth about the critical state of Black youth in America.