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NCAA Gets Rich From Unpaid Black People – Bill Maher

AFRICANGLOBE - Leave it to comedian Bill Maher to inject humor into the truth in such a way that it accelerates the bite on those who are trying to find the opposite side of the argument. Bill Maher goes over the top at times and there are cases where he’s even been borderline insulting to Black people. But in a recent tweet about the NCAA, he nailed himself a bull’s eye.

Bill Maher: Only White Conservatives Think Racism is Over In the...

AFRICANGLOBE - On Friday Bill Maher dispensed with the notion that having a Black president means that racism is over in this country, asking if any of his White guests have ever been followed around in a department store or otherwise racially profiled.

Bill Maher Defends Paula Deen’s “Right” to Call YOU the “N-Word”

While it seems universally agreed that Paula Deen's admission of using racist language and, uh, party-planning is terrible, Bill Maher took a moment on "Real Time" to ask his panel an unpopular question: do people really need to "go away" for using that word?

Bill Maher: Black, Gay and Pot are All the Same

AFRICANGLOBE - “Pot is the new gay marriage,” Bill Maher said at the start of his New Rule segment Friday night, “and by that I mean it’s the next civil rights issue that needs to fall.”