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Lioness Sets Record With 8 Cubs

AFRICANGLOBE - A lioness in Zimbabwe has set a world record by giving birth to EIGHT cubs in a single litter despite being on...

Donald Trump’s “October Surprise” Fizzles And Falls Flat

Don’t go away mad, Donald. Just please go away. Donald Trump, the New York billionaire real estate mogul and one-time Republican presidential wannabe, continued his...

Bravo Chris Matthews For Challenging Preibus On Romney’s Racist Birther Comment

If more of the serious journalists pressed politicians aggressively when they play the race card this nation would be in a much better position. It...

Republicans Bringing Back the Politics Of Racism

In 1990, Harvey Gant, the African American Democratic nominee for Senate, was on the verge of defeating one of the most notorious opponents of...

Row Over Nigerian President’s Birth Control Plan

Religious leaders, human rights activists and opposition politicians yesterday faulted Nigerian President Goodluck Jonathan's plan to introduce a birth control law, saying it was...

North Carolina Urges Sterilization Victims to Come Forward

What North Carolina did was wicked and wrong. It was nothing short of genocide or pre-meditated murder. What was done to my mother not only affected her, but me as well. I still have flashbacks of walking behind her going down dirt roads to try to hide her bleeding.

Pastor Eddie Long Settles Out of Court For Sexual Misconduct Allegations

Long groomed them for sexual relationships when they were enrolled in the church’s LongFellows Youth Academy, a program that purportedly sought to guide teens through their “masculine journey” with lessons on financial discipline and sexual control.