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Blac Chyna Gets Into Fight In Africa While Promoting Skin Bleaching

AFRICANGLOBE - Blac Chyna is bringing her self-haterd to Lagos, Nigeria to promote her foolish skin bleaching cream, which is bizarrely titled Whitenicious, the 30-year-old mother of two was caught on camera getting into a fight outside of car in Lagos, Nigeria.

Degenerate Blac Chyna Is Heading To Africa To Promote Skin Bleaching

AFRICANGLOBE - We are cool with people coming to Africa to sell and promote their products but when you come to the continent to sell stuff that is harmful to us - then we have a problem. The world at large has taken to social media to express disgust at the notion of Blac Chyna is visiting to promote a skin-bleaching product to Nigeria - a country already battling such a problem. Then she has the audacity to say she is excited to come to Nigeria and we say: "Please be excited somewhere else!"