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Planned Parenthood Is Targeting Black America. Sen. Mary Landrieu Is Helping...

AFRICANGLOBE - For years, abortion and racism have gone hand-in-hand. Disgraced President Richard Nixon favored aborting mixed race children, stating that an abortion was needed “when you have a Black and a White.” Nixon also pointed to abortion as a means “to control the negro bastards.” That may have been why federal funding of Planned Parenthood began under his administration, a move that the group’s CEO praised Nixon for in 2012.

What If Black America Were A Country?

AFRICANGLOBE - If Black America were a nation-state, how would it stack up against other countries? How would it fare on standard measures of national power and weakness?

The Paradox Of Black America

AFRICANGLOBE - A paradox haunts America’s first Black president. African-American wealth has fallen further under Barack Obama than under any president since the Depression. Yet, they are the only group that still gives him high ratings. Those who have fared worst under Obama are the ones who love him the most. You would be hard-pressed to find a better example of perception-driven politics. As the Reverend Kevin Johnson asked in 2013: “Why are we so loyal to a president who isn’t loyal to us?”

The Decadent Veil: Black America’s Wealth Illusion – Must Read

AFRICANGLOBE - While media projects Beyonce signing a Pepsi $50 million ad campaign throughout the World Wide Web, the fact that single Black mothers across America have a median net worth of a mere $5 dollars falls in the shadow of the singularity of her financial success.

‘Black People Lost Ground’ During Obama’s Presidency – Tavis Smiley

AFRICANGLOBE - Tavis Smiley has written a new book on Dr.Martin Luther King, Jr., he also weighed in on the current state of Black America under President Obama. And while Smiley had no interest in “demonizing” Obama, he did say that Black people have to start demanding more of the president because as a whole, African-Americans have not fared well economically in the past few years.

History Of Economic Exploitation Still Hinders Black America

AFRICANGLOBE - Whites believe racism is a problem that has been solved. The not-always-unspoken assumption among many White people is that Blacks just need to work harder, get off welfare and stop committing crimes. That assumption betrays a woeful ignorance of history and economics.

Obama: White Terror, Black Tears

AFRICANGLOBE - When all is seen and assessed, Obama’s presidency raised Black hopes that today collapse into a heap of Black bitterness. To die under White rule strikes me as a lot more honourable, a better tribute to race history, than to be sacrificed under the rule of one of your own. The epitaph in the one is that the White world killed you; the epitaph in the other is that the Black president failed you, could not save you.

African Americans Putting Black America In Business

AFRICANGLOB - Black America does not lack the entrepreneurial skills and abilities to succeed in business, what they lack is access to capital. Having the vocational and academic skills to enter the 21st century labor market to compete in a global economy is only a mild stepping-stone to a larger picture.

It’s Time To Admit That America Will Never Really Include Black...

AFRICANGLOBE - Last week, after watching another black man die at the hands of the New York City police, I can’t help but wonder whether there will ever be true equality for African Americans. The number of African Americans that have been victimized, murdered, terrorized, shot, and left for dead seems not just to be a legacy of some bloodstained Jim Crow past, but a part of a present moment that seems just as bleak.

U.S. Homeownership Riskier For Many African-Americans, Says Rice Study

AFRICANGLOBE - Based on a new study from sociologists at Rice University and Cornell University found that while historical barriers that excluded Black America from the homeowner market for decades have crumbled, there are new signs that emerging types of racial inequality are making homeownership an increasingly risky investment for African-American home seekers.

America’s Moral Debt To Black Americans

AFRICANGLOBE - The debate over reparations—a payment for slavery, segregation and unequal lives—has a beginning, but it seems no end. Our forefathers spoke of the promise of 40 acres and a mule. Our leaders cried out, few as eloquently as Rev. Martin L. King, Jr. more than 50 years ago: “Instead of honoring this sacred obligation, America has given Black people a bad check—a check that has come back marked ‘insufficient funds.’ But we refuse to believe that the bank of justice is bankrupt.

Putting Black America In Business

AFRICANGLOBE - Black America does not lack the entrepreneurial skills and abilities to succeed in business, what they lack is access to capital. Having the vocational and academic skills to enter the 21st century labor market to compete in a global economy is only a mild stepping-stone to a larger picture.

Blackonomics: The State Of Black America

AFRICANGLOBE - For the most part, Black people in this country are at the bottom of every good category and at the top of every bad one. Of course most of us don’t need the National Urban League or anyone else to tell us that; we see it every day all around us, but supporting statistics are a great way to drive the point home. Sad to say, our overall “state” is not good. (Sorry, Chaka)

In D.C., State Of Black America Is A ‘Tale Of Two...

AFRICANGLOBE - “What distresses me the most is how we seemed to be in a cycle of losing ground on a number of fronts — voting, the fact that post-recession, the unemployment rate in black community remains high.

Housing Recovery Eludes Black America

AFRICANGLOBE - Black America’s barriers to building wealth are the focus of a recent research report jointly authored by the National Urban League and Zillow, Inc., the largest home-related marketplace on the web. A House Divided: How Race Colors the Path to Homeownership, analyzes the nation’s recent and uneven financial recovery.

Watch How Fox News Really Talks About Black America

AFRICANGLOBE - Fox News has a stellar reputation for race-baiting and offensive rhetoric about race. Fox News may be the most blatant and shameless when it comes to harmful discussions about race, but to be fair, it is not alone.