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Black Americans Still Waiting for President Obama to Address Their Issues

They are his most fiercely loyal supporters, a powerful voting block who came out en masse in 2008 to help make Barack Obama America’s...

Pastor Challenges Blacks to End “Slavish Devotion” to Democratic Party

A pastor in Virginia is taking on the Democratic Party's long-time strangle-hold on the Black voting bloc, telling fellow Black Americans that it is...

New Ad Pits African-Americans Against Immigrants

A self-described "immigration reduction group" group debut a controversial new ad during Wednesday's presidential debate that says politicians who support legal immigration believe "Black...

Blacks Miss Out as Jobs Rebound in New York City

For months now, New York officials have been highlighting how the city has regained all the jobs lost during the long recession and then...

Increase in Life Expectancy Rates For African-Americans

While the gap between life expectancy rates for African Americans and Whites still exists, it has narrowed over the last two decades, according to...

Black Voters do Not Agree With Obama on Gay Marriage

Like many Black Americans, Dorsey Jackson does not believe in gay marriage, but he wasn’t disillusioned when Barack Obama became the first president to...

Why Is Obama Closing Black Businesses?

Black Americans continue to stand by President Barack Obama, despite how he and his minions treat us. Nine of every 10 African-American voters have...

Black Unemployment in America Shoots Up Once More

The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics has released its most recent unemployment data. It was expected that black Americans (especially men) would be at the bottom, however it was not known how bad it would have been. Well, it turns out that the numbers exceed even the most pessimistic predictions.