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Black Americans Now See Race Relations As Nation’s Biggest Problem

AFRICANGLOBE - After a year that saw national attention on long-simmering tensions between Black communities and police officers, 2014 closed with more Americans — both Black and white — ranking race relations as the most pressing problem facing the nation.

The Twisted Politics Of White Resentment Is Our Real Police/Race Problem

AFRICANGLOBE - One April morning in 1973 a veteran police officer named Thomas Shea pulled his service revolver and blew away a young Black boy on a street in Jamaica, Queens. He shot the kid in the back. There was no chance of survival. Afterward, no one could figure out why the officer had done it. There was no reason for the shooting, no threat to Officer Shea of any kind. The boy’s name was Clifford Glover and he was 10 years old. Officer Shea was charged with murder but of course he was acquitted.

America: When Being Black Is A Crime

AFRICANGLOBE - Black Americans learned Obama's political strategy on race early in his first term, Obama seems obsessed with convincing White Americans that he is not here to take their privilege away, rather than recognising that, pragmatically, America still has enough deeply held racial biases that he will be perceived as a race man by some, no matter what he does.

In Ferguson, Black Town, White Power

AFRICANGLOBE - Popilics, wrote the political scientist Harold Lasswell in 1936, is about “who gets what, when, and how.” If you want to understand the racial power disparities we’ve seen in Ferguson, Mo., understand that it’s not only about Black and White. It’s about green.

Junk Science: Controversial Research Claims Blacks Age Faster Than Whites

AFRICANGLOBE - A controversial new study in the United States claims that Black people age more quickly than White people. Published in the journal Social Science and Medicine, the study found that the difference in age can be up to three years and could shed new light on higher mortality rates in Blacks.

Money Troubles Can Make People More Racist

AFRICANGLOBE - People become more prejudiced against darker-skinned people when money is tight, a recent study has claimed. Researchers at New York University discovered that people with lighter skin were more likely to perceive “Afrocentric features” as more pronounced or “darker” during an economic downturn.

Black People Aren’t Stupid, So They Must Be Racist

AFRICANGLOBE - I have received a lot of criticism from conservatives, both Black and White, about my argument that "Sending Black Republicans to recruit Black people is like sending lamb chops to recruit lambs."

Are Black People Taught To Protect White People

AFRICANGLOBE - On June 22, 1996, a small group of Ku Klux Klan members gathered for a rally in Ann Arbor, Mich., only to be outnumbered by a much larger group of Black and White protesters. A White man in the crowd, Albert McKeel, Jr., was not wearing a KKK hood but had an SS tattoo on his arm and a shirt decorated with a Confederate flag. He was on the verge of being assaulted by the larger group when he was saved by Keshia Thomas, an 18-year old Black woman.

S. African President and White Power Politician Clash Over “Poor Whites”

AFRICANGLOBE - South African President Jacob Zuma has rubbished claims by the Freedom Front Plus the White power political party over claims that affirmative action and Black Economic Empowerment (BEE) are impoverishing White people.