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Meet Ten Of The Greatest Black American Female Athletes Of All...

AFRICANGLOBE - There was a time that if little Black girls tried out for sports the odds were against them making the team. And if she made the team, no one was looking for her to make a big name for herself in the sport. However, those times have changed dramatically and now they are becoming some of the greatest athletes of all times. Now, when a little Black girl tries out for a sports team the question that goes through everyone’s mind is “will she be the next greatest player of the sport?” Here are 10 of the greatest African-American women who have either paved the way or are still paving the way for Black women athletes.

Helping Black Athletes Graduate From College

AFRICANGLOBE - Fans tuning into football bowl games this holiday season may not realize that a large percentage of the players they cheer for will never receive a degree from the universities that they represent on the field. A report of the seven NCAA Division I sports conferences found that about half of all Black athletes won’t graduate within six years of starting college.