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Supporters Of Brazil’s New President Calling For The Death Of “These...

AFRICANGLOBE - With the election of an extreme right presidential candidate, many supporters call for death of Black Brazilians. Bolsonaro supporters have taken the politician’s cue and expressed how they really feel about a number of topics being discussed amongst Brazilians. One worrying thing we keep seeing popping up is the manner in which Bolsonaro supporters feel in relation to Black Brazilians. Several recent incidents signal what the next four years may be like for Black Brazilians under a Bolsonaro presidency.

Brazil’s Soft Genocide Against Blacks, One Killed Every 23 Minutes

AFRICANGLOBE - The shocking amount of killings of young Black people in Brazil revealed in a new report shows that Black lives don't matter in the South American country. The crisis of fatal violence against Afro-descendents in Brazil that sees one Black youth killed every 23 minutes in what some have called an “undeclared civil war,” according to a new Senate committee report announced on Monday, is leading experts to raise alarm over a “genocide” suffered by young Black people in the South American country.

Brazil’s New Black Power Movement

AFRICANGLOBE - The new Black power movement in Brazil is big. Despite their contributions to the growth and development of their nation, Black Brazilians fall behind all others in what’s been described as a “racial paradise.” They are the country’s poorest, most disenfranchised, and victims of overwhelming levels of systemic discrimination. Now many Blacks there are saying that enough is enough.

Is The Color Of One’s Partner A Random Choice? One Woman’s...

AFRICANGLOBE - Interracial relationships. Yes, we’ve talked about them before, but the conversation has been expanding for a number of years. As we continue to explore this issue, we push aside accusations by some that anyone who supports the union of Black men and Black women must be some sort of Hitlerite racist who hates interracial couples.

Documentary Sheds Light On Black Brazilians Affected By Military Police Massacres

AFRICANGLOBE - Sure there are plenty of things of which one can like about Brazil. But police murders and violent oppression of poor, mostly Black neighborhoods in not one of them. The number of homicides coming out of Brazil are more synonymous with a country at war than a country that officially ended a 21 year military dictatorship nearly 30 years ago. And although people still don’t like to admit the influence of race, the irrefutable fact is that such violence affects Black Brazilians much more than those who are considered White.

The Only Black Presidential Candidate, Suffers Resistance Among Afro-Brazilians

AFRICANGLOBE - Note: With Black Brazilians being nearly invisible in Brazil’s sphere’s of power, one would think that the strong possibility of Marina Silva becoming the first black president in the nation’s history would have more feelings of hope and celebration within the Afro-Brazilian community. Well, this is not exactly how things are looking for Silva