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Boris Johnson: Is Britain’s Next Prime Minister A Racist Coke Head?

AFRICANGLOBE - At a time of polarization and political chaos, the United Kingdom and the United States are about to be led by two remarkably similar figures. On Tuesday, Britain's ruling Conservative Party elected Boris Johnson as their leader by an overwhelming margin, sending him to No. 10 Downing Street. He will take office on Wednesday.

Meet 6-year-Old Joshua Beckford The Youngest Person To Ever Attend Oxford...

AFRICANGLOBE - At age six, most young children are entering first grade, but not for the extraordinary Joshua Beckford. Living with high-functioning autism, the child prodigy from Tottenham was, at the age of six, the youngest person ever to attend the prestigious Oxford University.

Do Black People In Britain Have A Home To Fight For?

AFRICANGLOBE - Poppies and remembrance services call to mind ideas of sacrifice for one’s own country – but the experience of being Black in Britain brings up the question of whether it ever feels like your own country at all.

Understanding Modern Black Britain

AFRICANGLOBE -While the White population has remained roughly the same size over the past decade, the minority population has almost doubled – accounting for 80 per cent of the UK’s population growth. It should come as no surprise then that Black Caribbeans have the highest rate of intermarriage with White Brits and almost half of Black Caribbean men have a partner from a different ethnicity