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South Africa: Bright Future For Black Industrialists

AFRICANGLOBE - Some of the most commonly asked questions on the economy and business are: How do big businesses and companies, small and medium enterprises thrive, reduce unemployment and poverty by creating jobs. In short, how does a country spur economic growth? Every time we try and answer these questions, more questions arise. The latest is how is South Africa going to create and grow Black industrialists?

Black Business Gives Backing to SA’s National Development Plan

AFRICANGLOBE - South Africa's Black Business Council has thrown its weight behind the country's long-term socio-economic development roadmap, the National Development Plan (NDP).

South Africa: Govt Desperate for Black Industrialists

Government should help create South Africa's own Black industrialists, President Jacob Zuma said in Johannesburg. "There are many financial institutions that are under the control...

Summit Opts to Resurrect Black Business Council in South Africa

The decision taken at South Africa's Black Business Summit to revive the Black Business Council (BBC) to represent the voice of organised black business has been welcomed by analysts.