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Former NBA Star Jamal Mashburn Now Owns More Than 80 Franchises

AFRICANGLOBE - Success on the court doesn't always lead to success off the court for many professional NBA players who retire from the sport. But for this former NBA player, it lead to owning 80 franchise locations and five car dealerships.

Chamber President Asks Black Americans To Spend At Black Businesses

AFRICANGLOBE - The African American community is in a state of crisis, according to the Delmarva Black Chamber of Commerce president. In response to what he calls the “self-destructive” spending habits of African Americans, Clayton Hammond recently started a campaign to convince African Americans to spend their money on Black-owned businesses.

Which Are The Best Cities For Black Businesses?

AFRICANGLOBE - If you are a Black entrepreneur looking to locate a new business in the most profitable location possible, NerdWallet crunched the economic data for you. General tip? Georgia is pretty hot.

Best Places For Black-Owned Businesses

AFRICANGLOBE - To understand where the Black community’s most robust entrepreneurial activity can be found, we crunched the numbers for 109 U.S. metropolitan areas with populations over 100,000. We used seven metrics to analyze those places as we focused on these questions:

I Have A Challenge: Support Black Businesses

AFRICANGLOBE - The Black Dollar Project is a one-of-a-kind, business initiative created to activate ‘economic empowerment’ between Black businesses and Black consumers in order to promote financial security, wealth building and positive growth, but in order to stimulate economic viability in the Black community we must change our mindset and how we view Black businesses.

Europe’s Largest Business Event For Black Business And Entrepreneurs

AFRICANGLOBE - Europe’s largest business, culture and lifestyle show for Black business and entrepreneurs BEX LIVE International coming to Birmingham Eastside on Saturday, 4th October, 2014.

Black Businesses Struggle In U.S. And Africa

AFRICANGLOBE - Despite significant contributions to the U.S. economy, Black-owned businesses continue to face significant hurdles that limit their ability to take advantage of opportunities abroad.

Black People Don’t Support Black Businesses

AFRICANGLOBE - People claim that they will support businesses and will help out and purchase items, but when time comes- they are no where to be found. Black people do a lot of talking and not a lot of doing.

Black Businesses In Florida Thrived During The Segregation Era

AFRICANGLOBE - In the days when White people wouldn’t let them eat in their restaurants or shop in their stores, Florida’s Black communities were left to fend for themselves. And so they did, with some notable successes in the 1940s, 50s and early 60s.

Black Businesses Thriving, a New Report Reveal

AFRICANGLOBE - New educational infographic outlines the progress made by African-American business owners over the past decade. Black business owners made enormous strides during the early 2000s, as revealed by an infographic from CreditDonkey.com. According to the illustrated piece titled “Black Business Thriving,”

New Generation of Black Businesses Pop Up On DC’s Georgia Ave

Georgia Ave. It’s the The District’s longest commercial corridor and for years was considered the heart of the city. With its dozens of beauty parlors,...