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Fake Blood-Covered Mannequins: Italy’s First Black Minister is Targeted Again

AFRICANGLOBE - Italy's far-right Forza Nuova party left three mannequins covered in fake blood at the front door of an administrative office in Rome on Wednesday in the latest attack on Italy's first Black minister.

Racist Attacks Continues Against Cécile Kyenge, Italy’s First Black Cabinet Minister

AFRICANGLOBE - Italy's first Black cabinet minister Cécile Kyenge has been likened to a prostitute in the latest personal attack directed at her by a public figure. Savage Cristiano Za Garibaldi, the deputy mayor of the town of Diano Marina in the northern region of Liguria, implied that Mrs. Kyenge was a prostitute.

Death Threats, Protests Greet Italy’s First Black Cabinet Minister

AFRICANGLOBE - Italy's first Black Cabinet minister is facing death threats before a visit to a region known for its anti-immigrant political base. Last week, a local politician from the Northern League party was expelled from the party after she suggested on Facebook: "Why doesn't someone rape her