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Black Youth Are Brain Damaged – The Gantt Report

AFRICANGLOBE - If young African American men and women don’t care about their history, don’t care about their past and care little or nothing about their ancestors, our race is doomed to die! Black owned media is our only hope for future progress and perhaps for the future survival of Black people in America.

Disturbing Study Proves That Cops View Black Children Differently

AFRICANGLOBE - Black children are seen as older and less innocent than they actually are — particularly by cops, according to a new study published recently in the Journal of Personality and Social Psychology. The researchers also found that Black children are more likely to be the subjects of dehumanization by police officers, making them subject to higher rates of police violence.

The Case For Homeschooling Black Children

AFRICANGLOBE - There are so many benefits to homeschooling beyond academics. Most schools spend more than 33 percent of the day disciplining students. And bullying has become a significant issue. One of every six Black males is suspended and large numbers are given Ritalin and placed in Special Education. These problems seldom, if ever, exist in the homeschool environment.

Questioning The Relevance Of Western Education

AFRICANGLOBE - There is something astounding about education in that the more you have of it, the more ignorant you become, and the less relevant you turn out to be to your community. It is really amazing how many learned ignoramuses abound in this world. Yes, you may pride yourself in being educated, but as long as what nourishes your ego is Western education, then you may be as irrelevant to yourself as you are to your community.

The Black Holocaust: Will America Re-Examine Its Shame?

AFRICANGLOBE - In the United States, the Holocaust is taught justly and indisputably in both public and private schools. Its memorialization has been well integrated into the American psyche, exemplifying the American appetite for justice and understanding.

Black Children, An Endangered Species

AFRICANGLOBE - Black people can’t depend on the police for protection. Many people that shoot unarmed, law abiding teenagers are released immediately. You can’t depend on a courtroom. We have to depend on ourselves. So called Black leaders have to let the world know that the murders of Black teenagers will be avenged.

American Made Holocaust: The History Of US Wars, Deceptions And Crimes...

AFRICANGLOBE - Watch this film only if you are prepared to face the truth about the predatory nature of the ruling elite and their manipulation of your perceptions and beliefs. “Lest We Forget” by filmmaker Chris Pratt is an indictment of our Leaders, our Media, our Actions and ultimately of ourselves for remaining intentionally blind to an American made Holocaust.

Race In America: The Abortion Epidemic

AFRICANGLOBE - While Black women comprise approximately 13 percent of the female childbearing population in the U.S., they have approximately 36 percent of abortions. Since 1973, 13 million unborn Black children have been murdered. That’s more than the total number of Blacks who died from AIDS, violent crimes, accidents, cancer and heart disease combined

War On Black Children: Black Students Arrested For Waiting For School...

AFRICANGLOBE - Three teenagers were arrested last week while waiting for a school bus. "It's a catastrophe. These young men were doing nothing wrong, nothing wrong. They did exactly what they were supposed to do and still they get arrested."

Justice Department Bids to Trap Poor, Black Children in Ineffective Schools

AFRICANGLOBE - Nine of 10 Louisiana children who receive vouchers to attend private schools are Black. All are poor and, if not for the state assistance, would be consigned to low-performing or failing schools with little chance of learning the skills they will need to succeed as adults.

4 Shocking Stats That Show How Badly We’re Failing Our Black...

Juan Cole, a historian and a scholar of the Middle East, posted a piece on his “Informed Comment” blog titled “How America has failed African American Youth, by the Numbers.” One area he specifically addresses is education. There are startling statistics showing that America needs to stop failing Black youth in the area of education.

When White Fathers Leave Their Black Children

AFRICANGLOBE - Much ink has been spilled on the epidemic of Black fathers who abandon their children. But in Bea Hinton's case, she grew up as the Black child of a missing White dad—a legacy that has defined her life.

Black Family Progress Has Stalled Since Controversial 1965 Study – Report

AFRICANGLOBE - Many of the same social problems highlighted in a landmark 1965 study "The Negro Family: The Case for National Action" have only worsened over the last 48 years and are now causing similar hardship for White and Hispanic families.

Feds Probing Seattle Schools’ Treatment of Black Students

AFRICANGLOBE - The numbers are stark, although Seattle school administrators and many parents have been aware of them, and troubled by them, for years. African-American students are suspended from school more than three times as often as White students from elementary schools to high schools.

New State of the Black Family Report Crushing

AFRICANGLOBE - A new report on the state of the Black family finds that by almost every measure African-Americans families have declined since the 1960s — a trend followed by families across all demographics. The new report, released by the Urban Institute, revisits a 1965 report by Daniel Moynihan titled The Negro Family: The Case for National Action.

The War Against Black Children – Change Begins With Us

AFRICANGLOBE - When will the season for hurting Black children be over? How long will the pains last? How many more parents will have to bury their child? Parents know that children copy the behavior of those that they glorify. We are the enemy, determined to make our youth copy the ways of those that we glorify. We force exposure.