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Black Churches Burned Across The South Since Charleston Massacre

AFRICANGLOBE - Ever since the massacre of nine innocent members of Emmanuel AME Church by a racist killer, the country has been on edge. Confederate flags and hate have arisen to remind Black America of the racist history of the country. To show that nothing is sacred in this spiritual battle, a series of fires have been set at various Black churches.

Black Churches Taught Us To Forgive White People. We Learned To...

AFRICANGLOBE - In far way more ways than either of us want to admit, in our Black churches we were taught to become the world’s biggest fools to and for white folks and white supremacy.

Black Churches Struggle as Black Residents are Pushed Out of Harlem

AFRICANGLOBE - “Your tithers are your people who really keep your church going as a whole,” said the Rev. Dr. Charles A. Curtis, the senior pastor at Mount Olivet Baptist Church and the chairman of Harlem Congregations for Community Improvement. “With the drop in Harlem's Black population,” he said, “you have less people to tithe.”

Black Churches Divided Over Gay Marriage

AFRICANGLOBE - A source of debate across the country and the subject of ballot measures in four states this year, same-sex marriage remains a thorny issue within the African-American community, where objections are deeply rooted in culture, religion and biblical teachings.