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Black College Student Charged With Felony For Waiting To Pull Over...

AFRICANGLOBE - Saginaw Valley State University student was charged with a felony because he waited for a brightly lit area to stop instead of immediately pulling over when police signaled. DaJuawn Wallace, 24, explained to Mlive.com that he was making a 2 a.m. trip to the store on Feb. 19 to pick up medicine for his girlfriend when he noticed a car accelerating from behind.

No NYPD Updates On The Beating Of Black Student By Jewish...

AFRICANGLOBE - A Black college student, Taj Patterson, was walking home from a party. At the edge of the Williamsburg neighborhood of Brooklyn, Patterson was allegedly jumped by a gang of hasidic Jews dressed in clothing that had police-like shield emblems.

Demonstrators Protest Beating of Black Skateboarder by LA Police

AFRICANGLOBE - Supporters of a Black college student who says he was severely beaten by Los Angeles police who stopped him for skateboarding rallied on Wednesday at the scene of his arrest to protest what they called excessive force and racial profiling.