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More Black Women Embracing ‘Natural’ Hairstyles

More Black women are going back to their roots, literally, and have chosen to cut off their processed, straightened hair and grow it in its natural state, curls and all. One part of the process is learning how to style natural hair.

AIDS is Not the Primary Killer of African-Americans

AFRICANGLOBE - Most news accounts about the effects of AIDS on the Black community never focus on solutions. This misconception is evidently a common one. For example, Peter Piot, Executive Director of UNAIDS, stated “AIDS remains the leading cause of death in African-American women in the USA

Buying Black: Too Much Money Flows Out of the Black Community

AFRICANGLOBE - In a 2010 article titled "Buying Black - the Ebony Experiment," author James Clingman Jr. wrote that $850 billion moves through Black consumers' hands each year, but 90% of that amount goes to businesses owned or controlled by non-Blacks.

A Crowdfunding Site for Black Entrepreneurs

AFRICANGLOBE- The Black community has a tradition of “passing the hat” to collect donations when a friend needs financial help. That same custom guides BlackCrowdfunding.net, a Web site Cunningham has created where Black entrepreneurs can raise money to start businesses.

Black People Must Focus On Big Issues

Black people spend too much time focused on entertainment and other trivia than on important issues affecting their lives. In a culture driven by celebrity, entertainment gossip, bling and distraction, there is an open question as to whether the type of political mobilization required to meet the challenges of those issues is possible.

Rahm Emanuel Faces Backlash From Chicago’s Black Community

AFRICANGLOBE - Chicago’s African-American community is expressing its frustration with Mayor Rahm Emanuel, as the city continues to suffer in his second year in office.

Britain’s First Black Community In Elizabethan London

AFRICANGLOBE - There had been Black people in Britain in Roman times, and they are found as musicians in the early Tudor period in England and Scotland. The reign of Elizabeth I saw the beginning of Britain's first Black community. Back in Shakespeare's day, you could have met people from west Africa in the streets of London.

The Case for Closing Liquor Stores

AFRICANGLOBE - Violent crime has intractable causes like poverty, drugs and guns. But one cause -- the number of businesses selling booze in a neighborhood -- could be directly controlled. Should it be? Liquor stores attract violent crime the way honey attracts flies.

The Obama Divide In the Black Community

AFRICANGLOBE - Some people believe that President Barack Obama has done nothing for the African American community and that he just flat out ignores his own people. Personally I have an issue with the fact that gun violence has been going on in his home town of Chicago and he has yet to visit the countless families that have lost their children to senseless violence. But he has the quickness to call a press conference and cry for those kids in Sandy Hook.

Another Side Of Dr. King: Black Economic Power

AFRICANGLOBE - It is important to note that these ideas that Dr. King had on Black politics and economics are the same positions that Malcolm X communicated in his definition of the political and economic aspects of Black nationalism. The reason this is important is the FBI felt it would be necessary to eliminate Dr. King if he were to use Black nationalist tactics.

155,000 New Jobs Added, But Black Unemployment Rises

AFRICANGLOBE - Finding work is still a major headache in the Black community. December overall job growth numbers in the U.S. indicate an increase of about 155,000 new jobs, with the unemployment rate still at 7.8 percent.

Honest Criticism Is Great, But Solutions Are Better!

AFRICANGLOBE - This current Administration has been less than robust in addressing issues critical to the Black community. Behind the high Black unemployment numbers are real problems such as high rates of housing foreclosures and unprecedented high rates when it comes to reduced income and wealth within the Black community.

Africans in Britain Now Dominant Black Group

AFRICANGLOBE - Early Statistics published in Britain's 2011 Census has revealed the changing face of Britain’s Black communities. People who identify as Black African are...

Black Community: Looking Up, Looking Down

Sometimes, we look at people in a way that reveals exactly how we feel. We can look with love, or we can look with...

What Black America Needs to Do After US Election Day

With so much focus on the US election day results, it is understandably hard for Black people to think about the day after. But...

On 46th Anniversary of Black Panthers, Honoring the Group’s Huge Influence

Today is the 46th anniversary of the founding of the Black Panther Party by Huey P. Newton and Bobby Seale in North Oakland, CA. It...