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Commemorating Steve Biko And His Fight Against Apartheid

AFRICANGLOBE - Many would regard Steve Biko as a martyr in the anti-apartheid cause. But the pathway of the martyr after death tends to be the work of others, they who serve a posthumous name or worship at the altar of a legacy. Biko’s contribution was primarily the notion of Black Consciousness, which he considered “an attitude of the mind and a way of life, the most positive call to emanate from the Black world for a long time.”

Why Biko’s Black Consciousness Philosophy Resonates With South African Youth Today

AFRICANGLOBE - Black youth are grappling with the question of the meaning of freedom in post-apartheid South Africa. They seek an antidote to their reality wherein blackness continues to be mocked and marginalised.

Black Consciousness As A Social Construct And The Illusion Of Human...

AFRICANGLOBE - In Brazil the month of November is accompanied by a drive on the 20th, Day of Black Consciousness, established in memory of Zumbi dos Palmares, who died in 1695. The date is not commemorative, but a score to remind us of the role and the struggles of Black people in Brazilian society.

The Period Of Black Consciousness!

AFRICANGLOBE - It amazes me how much focus there is on Black American history in the months of January and February. It seems to be almost sacrilegious for some Blacks not to deliberate on these months. But how much are we missing by limiting our celebrations to approximately 60 days?

Afro-Brazilians Celebrate Day of Black Consciousness Even Without Official Recognition

AFRICANGLOBE - On Wednesday, 20, in the Bahian capital of Salvador, there were many celebratory events for National Black Consciousness Day events. Starting from Campo Grande, at 2pm, was held the oldest march held in Brazil to celebrate the day in memory of the Black hero Zumbi dos Palmares.