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Don Lemon is a Gay Black Man, He Should Know Better...

Don Lemon is the most recent iteration in a long tradition of African-Americans who publicly scold and shame the black community’s “bad morals” and “defective culture". Black celebrities such as Bill Cosby have taken up this habit. Barack Obama has enjoyed giving such sermons. Black conservatives appear to exist for the sole purpose of criticizing the African-American community and legitimating White racism by the Right.

Calling Out the Fake Black Conservatives Playing Their Role On Right-wing...

The controversy over George Zimmerman's acquittal for murdering Trayvon Martin is Christmas in July for Black conservatives. The professional best Black friends for White conservatives who defend George Zimmerman--and by extension the White Right--are in high demand.

Sean Hannity’s Black Conservatives

AFRICANGLOBE - I have absolutely no regard for Sean Hannity, the obnoxious, right-wing talk show propagandist for Fox News. However, journalistic reasons compel me to occasionally watch him deliver his spiel to those who believe that they must “take back” their country from alien forces.

Black Conservatives Hope Supreme Court Drops Black Voter Protections

AFRICANGLOBE - As part of the Voting Rights Act of 1965 comes up for challenge this year before the Supreme Court, a group of Black conservatives is fervently hoping that the court strips away the protection the federal government has given African-Americans in certain regions of the country that have a discriminatory past.