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Off-Duty Black Officer Brutalized By Fellow Cops Who Racially Profiled Him

AFRICANGLOBE - Off-duty police officer Robert Parker was walking away from a nearby mall where a man had been shot and wounded just minutes before. A police officer pulled up beside him, threw him to the ground, and punched him in the head despite Parker passively complying to all commands and attempting to identify himself as a fellow officer.

How Systemic Racism Entangles All Police Officers — Even Black Ones

AFRICANGLOBE - Systemic racism,which has been part of the US since its founding, can corrupt anyone's view of minorities in America. In the case of police, all cops are dealing with enormous cultural and systemic forces that build racial bias against minority groups.

Black Officers Torn Between Duty And Race

AFRICANGLOBE - With the nation roiled by two grand juries' recent decisions not to indict white police officers in the deaths of unarmed Black men, some Black officers say that as they enforce the law, they also wonder whether the system they're sworn to uphold is stacked against Black men.