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The Death Of America’s Appeal

AFRICANGLOBE - In America, the decimation of Black America has resulted in the decimation of Black culture. Without Black culture, America is nothing. It has no Soft Power. Without Black culture, America has no appeal inside of it, or outside of it.

Vladimir Putin Wants To Control Rap Music In Russia

AFRICANGLOBE - Alarmed by the growing popularity of rap music among Russian youth, President Vladimir Putin wants cultural leaders to devise a means of controlling, rather than banning, the popular music.

The Source of Black Poverty Isn’t Black Culture, It’s American Culture

AFRICANGLOBE - Americans don't want to imagine that our racist history is actually an ongoing, racist reality. We like to look at racism as a thing that has gotten better (if not gone away completely) and that the way Black Americans are treated in society is actually colorblind.

Can White People Play Black Music?

AFRICANGLOBE - The reason for the remarkable development of the rhythmic qualities of African music” is that the Africans used drums for communication for “the phonetic reproduction of the words themselves. . . .Blues -playing is the closest imitation of the human-voice of any music

Economic Development And The African-American Culture

AFRICANGLOBE - In the Black community what the rest of the world already knew and had been capitalizing on for a very long time. This crystallized into a realization: Black Culture Sells. And it is a very profitable commodity.

War on Black Britons: BBC Racist Says Black Culture Turned Whites...

Well known british historian and broadcaster David Starkey has been blasted for his comments on BBC TV where he blamed ‘black culture’ for turning white youngsters into looters.