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Do You Know Your Father? The Problems Of Fatherlessness

AFRICANGLOBE - The problems among young Black males stem from many areas such as lack of opportunity, systematic racism, low self-esteem, living in a violent environment, drugs, etc. The root of the problem for some Black males may be the absence of the father in the Black family. The relationship between the absent father and the problems of some young Black male is definitely a strong one. Black males need strong Black fathers as models in which to live their lives. Researchers have found that for young Black children, the results are nothing short of disastrous.

New Jim Crow: Black Family Charged For Cheering At Daughter’s Graduation

AFRICANGLOBE - At every graduation ceremony, some official requests that the audience hold applause until every student has made their way across the stage. Reliably, everyone ignores this plea. However at Mississippi’s Senatobia High School’s graduation, there were consequences for just one family who couldn’t wait to cheer on their graduate.

The Black Family In 1965 And Today

AFRICANGLOBE - There is no doubt that Black children would be better off living with their married parents. Kids who grow up in households headed by a single mother are far more likely than others to be poor, quit school, get pregnant as teens and end up in jail.

Halloween Display On Military Base Depicts Black Family Hanging From Tree

AFRICANGLOBE - A Halloween display depicting what appears to be a Black family hanging from a tree outside of a Kentucky residence has been taken down after people complained about it. The house is located on the military base in Fort Campbell.

War On Black Family: PBS To Air Documentary Claiming “Gays Are...

AFRICANGLOBE - A documentary being broadcast by PBS titled, "The New Black," examines how the Christian right capitalizes on "homophobia in the Black community's institutional pillar — the Black church" in order to "pursue an anti-gay political agenda."

Consciously Choosing A Black Woman

AFRICANGLOBE - I used to cringe every time I heard a Black woman cry about a Black man they saw with someone from a different ethnic group. It used to literally make me nauseas because, to me, it assumed that just because people have the same outside wrapping means that they’re automatically supposed to be a match. The simplicity of such fallacious logic never made sense to me.

Black Family Drama: Eliminate It

AFRICANGLOBE - Historically, Black people loved Black people. Ask grandmama, we loved to feed hungry people, we invited strangers to the house party, we’d give a ride to hitch hikers. Don’t try any of that now. Many Black people only love themselves. Parents are hated, siblings are hated, uncles, aunts and other family members sometimes feel the need to be “strapped” at the family reunion because one family member might slap the other one. I’ve even seen relatives fight at funerals. How did we get like this?

2 Plead Guilty to Firebombing Black Family’s Home

AFRICANGLOBE - A Missouri man and woman have admitted to firebombing a Black family's home and plastering the driveway with a swastika and the words "White Power." Logan J. Smith, 25, and Victoria A. Cheek-Herrera, 34, both of Independence, pleaded guilty Wednesday in U.S. District Court to one count of conspiring to threaten and intimidate a family from

Welfare, Not Slavery Destroys Black Families

AFRICANGLOBE - In 1960, most Black children were raised in two-parent, monogamous families. By now, by this time, we only have 20 percent of Black children being raised in two-parent, monogamous families with a married man and woman raising those children.

Black Family Progress Has Stalled Since Controversial 1965 Study – Report

AFRICANGLOBE - Many of the same social problems highlighted in a landmark 1965 study "The Negro Family: The Case for National Action" have only worsened over the last 48 years and are now causing similar hardship for White and Hispanic families.

White Supremacist Gets 10 Years for Torching Black Family’s Home

AFRICANGLOBE - A White supremacist who burned down an African-American family’s southwest Chicago suburban home in a racist attack was told by a judge on Monday to be thankful for the Black lawyer who defended him.

New State of the Black Family Report Crushing

AFRICANGLOBE - A new report on the state of the Black family finds that by almost every measure African-Americans families have declined since the 1960s — a trend followed by families across all demographics. The new report, released by the Urban Institute, revisits a 1965 report by Daniel Moynihan titled The Negro Family: The Case for National Action.

Mexican Gangs Trying To Drive Black Families Out Of Southern California

AFRICANGLOBE - When a friend came to visit, four Mexican men in a Black SUV pulled up and called him a "n*gger," saying Black people were barred from the neighborhood, according to Los Angeles County sheriff's deputies. They jumped out, drew a gun on him and beat him with metal pipes.

Mexicans Face Racial Violence Charges For Sadistic Attack On Black Family...

AFRICANGLOBE - Three Mexicans have been arrested for racist attack on a Black family in Compton, Calif. Two men and a teenage boy allegedly beat a Black man visiting a family that had recently moved into the neighborhood. The trio used metal pipes and uttered racial slurs, reports say. One of the suspects, 21-year-old Efren Marquez, aimed a gun at the victim while he was being beaten, threatening to shoot.

We Need to Restructure the Black Family’: Common

AFRICANGLOBE - Artist and actor Common joined the NOW panel Tuesday to discuss his latest film, “Luv”–a coming-of-age film set in Baltimore, which is due to hit theaters January 18th–as well as talk more generally about poverty and gun violence in America.

Black America Stands Down for the Obamas

The Democrats definitely won the propaganda war between the two conventions but that doesn’t mean that Black America won anything.” How could they, since...