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What Hillary Clinton’s Loss Means For Dumb Black Women

AFRICANGLOBE - It was late Tuesday night, into the early morning, when fear set in. Trump takes Florida flashed across the screen. Florida. Florida? The battleground state had swung right. But it wasn’t until later, Pennsylvania, a state Obama won last election, delivered the final blow. Social media was ablaze with memes. The #Mood hashtag reflects feelings of voters in disbelief. We went into the election confident Hillary would make history as the first woman president.

Black Feminism – A Cancer In The Black Community

AFRICANGLOBE - Some Black women in America today have allowed The Massa to psychologically brainwash them into thinking that Black men are these “superpredators” and “the biggest threat” to them when we know that this isn’t true. The gender studies classes they have in college, I see them as becoming more of a breeding ground for radical and Black feminists nowadays.