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#MeToo Feminuts Warning Not To Allow Girls To Hug Relatives

AFRICANGLOBE - Are holidays a time of good cheer to celebrate with family, or a great chance to learn about consent by refusing to hug your relatives, as the US Girl Scouts suggested?

Bill Cosby Is A distraction, These White Males Are The Real...

AFRICANGLOBE - Rest assured, the NYTimes will undoubtedly continue to make liberal running jokes about Bill Cosby in any article they publish, whether it has to do with sex or not, while they will keep the lid on the Weiners, the Weinsteins and the Clintons. The reason they will do it is straightforward: Keep the racist ideology of “whites are good; Blacks are bad” alive. Keep the gullible unthinking neanderthals stooped in the idea that only Black men commit crimes.

Ani DiFranco Enrages Black Feminists After Announcing Retreat At Slave Plantation

AFRICANGLOBE - "This is insulting to Black feminists and Black queer individuals and is a very blatant display of racism on her part,” wrote Sara Starr in a Change.org petition asking DiFranco to cancel the event in Louisiana.

Black Feminists Have A Hugo Problem, Too – Among Other Things

AFRICANGLOBE - Feminism in truth, really meant Feminism for White and at least nominally middle-class Women - and any other kinds of Women, especially Black, had to get in where they fit in, if at all.