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Brazil’s Black Hair Revolution Continues! Photos From The Curly/Kinky Hair Pride...

AFRICANGLOBE - Early this afternoon, a friend of mine sent a link to me of an article/video that she found from the U.S. Black women’s magazine website Essence about Afro-Brazilian women making transitions from straightened hair to natural kinks, coils and curls. Entitled “Afro-Brazilian Hair Stories”, it perfectly captured the experiences of so many Black Brazilian women coming to find beauty in their natural tresses in a country in which their self-esteem is assaulted daily with negative comments, jokes, laughter and even job rejections all because afro-textured hair has for centuries been discriminated against and considered ugly, unprofessional, uncivilized and the like by white society.

Black Hair Is Not A Trend For White Consumption

AFRICANGLOBE - Imagine my surprise when I saw Kim Kardashian wearing the straight backs. Now repackaged as “boxer braids,” the fashion world was obsessed with the edgy new trend. However the only thing new about this style is that White women finally discovered it. Black women had been mocked for their natural hair for years. Protective styles and natural hair are often considered unruly, unprofessional, militant, and low class. Often when White women bring it in into mainstream culture, it suddenly becomes socially acceptable.

Why Are Kids Wearing Weaves?

AFRICANGLOBE - It’s not uncommon to see little girls wearing weaves. But is this a new fad? Why would any one even think of subjecting an infant to this horror?! Or this in the name of beauty? What’s wrong with the good old ‘puff’? When did mothers start to think that simple hairstyles (like the oneS pictured below) are no longer good enough for their children?

Do Koreans Control The Black Hair Care Market?

AFRICANGLOBE - There’s a self-funded documentary causing some buzz online. The documentary, “Black Hair,” is by a White filmmaker named Aron Ranen. It positions itself as an expose revealing that “Koreans have come to control virtually every aspect of the multi-billion dollar, Black hair care industry, from manufacturing to distribution to retail sales, while simultaneously employing tactics to put African-American merchants and wholesalers out of business.”

Brazilian Society Continues To See Black Hair As A Joke: After...

AFRICANGLOBE - There are still serious debates about racism in Brazil. People are used to closing their eyes to everything, this story of a ‘mixed race and happy people ‘ is a lie! Veiled racism is what happens here.

Straightening Out: Beauty Politics of Black Hair

AFRICANGLOB - Oh, Lawd, not another conversation about Black hair. It bugs me that I still hear Black women call their daughters "nappy-headed" as a form of verbal punishment. And it saddens me that sometimes even I look in the mirror and long for hair that's naturally softer, easier to straighten.

African-American Women Discuss Embracing Their Natural Hair

The debate over Olympic gold medal gymnast Gabby Douglas’ hair shouldn’t come as a surprise. The controversy surrounding her ’do, which some detractors thought...