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Why Are Kids Wearing Weaves?

AFRICANGLOBE - It’s not uncommon to see little girls wearing weaves. But is this a new fad? Why would any one even think of subjecting an infant to this horror?! Or this in the name of beauty? What’s wrong with the good old ‘puff’? When did mothers start to think that simple hairstyles (like the oneS pictured below) are no longer good enough for their children?

Asian-Americans Will Soon Be Wealthiest Group In America

A new study from the Federal Reserve Bank of St Louis shows that as most people assume, education is a key both to mobility and to the accumulation of wealth. But another important factor is economic decision-making. And when it comes to financial prudence, whites and Asian-Americans appear to be doing a lot better than Hispanics and African- Americans.

Fronting As A Black-Owned Business

AFRICANGLOBE - Minority business programs came to life as a compliance requirement for Title VI of the Civil Rights Act of 1964. From the start White-owned businesses began to pose as a minority-owned company. To offset this abuse and corruption, the government required a formal certification process.

It’s Time For Black People To Start Practicing Group Economics

it is time to state once again that when it comes to promoting and protecting our individual and group interests in this country, we, as Black people, have an extremely powerful-- not influential-- but powerful weapon which we don’t effectively use.

Asians Pimping The Black Community, Especially Black Women

AFRICANGLOBE - I know a lot of you Neo-Negroes just got scared. But I’m not talking about shooting, cutting or stabbing. No, I’m talking about ECONOMIC WAR! If not now, then when? God knows the Asians declared Economic war on Black America