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Still Looking For Change?

AFRICANGLOBE - Slowly but surely, albeit very late in the game, Black folks are learning that economic empowerment is the key to our progress and prosperity in this nation. Decades of instructions from wise elders, scholars, and activists seem to be taking hold on the minds of young people, despite the tired messages coming from some of our current leaders.

Midterm Elections Demonstrate Failure Of Democrats To Address Black Issues

AFRICANGLOBE - The fundamental question is: what do African Americans really have to vote for? There are depression-era conditions prevailing in cities such as Detroit, Memphis, Chicago, Baltimore, Philadelphia, Jackson and Ferguson where the people have given political voice on the degree of the oppressive conditions. African Americans are being systematically denied economic opportunities, basic civil and human rights as well as being channeled into the prison-industrial-complex utilizing racist police forces, unjust courts and dysfunctional educational systems.

Irony: President Obama Turns to African-Americans as Election Race Tightens

African-Americans threw their support behind Barack Obama in record numbers to help send him to the White House in 2008, but four years of difficult economic times...

Obama, Romney Reject Invitation to Address Black Issues

President Barack Obama and his Republican challenger Mitt Romney have rejected an invitation from the NAACP and other Black groups, to participate in a...