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Free Coffee, Photo Opportunities And Negro Leaders – The Gantt Report

AFRICANGLOBE - Politicians of all political persuasions and perspectives, at some time during the early stages of their terms in office, invite Negroes to visit them and sit around a table to enjoy a cup of coffee and smile for a traditional photograph! Democrats do it. Republicans do it. Liberals do it. Conservatives do it. When the Negro leaders leave the White House the state house, the City Hall or the County administrative offices they return to their states, counties, cities and homes with nothing but false promises, bad dreams and shattered hopes of better days to come!

Democrats Turn On Donna Brazile Accusing Her Of Choosing The Wrong...

AFRICANGLOBE - The interim head of the Democratic National Committee, Donna Brazile, was booed and shouted at during a post-election meeting in Washington. Brazile, who was exposed in WikiLeaks’ Podesta emails for giving primary debate and town hall questions to Hillary Clinton’s campaign when she was a CNN contributor, has been a target for angry Democrats following Clinton’s loss to Republican Donald Trump.

Pimp Preachers In Politics – The Gantt Report

AFRICANGLOBE - There are more religious leaders involved in the 2016 Elections than in any other election in recent times. Their involvement is more than letting a political devil stand up and speak at Black churches. It is more than carrying a bus load of congregation members to early voting sites. It is more than allowing political devils to cover your cars in church parking lots with unrequested and unwanted political literature. Nowadays, Pastors, Priests, Bishops, Imams and others are going on TV, on Radio and on the world wide web giving endorsements, participating in commercials and praising or criticizing the candidates that they love or hate!

Black Political And Community Leaders – The Gantt Report

AFRICANGLOBE - The Black political and community leaders that you love are masquerading as Black shepherds feeding you, the Black sheep, to the wolves! I’m not going to call any names but look at who you are following. Is your life any different? Yes it is. It is worse! Your leaders aren’t leading you down the path of righteousness. They are leading you to the dope house, the poor house and the whore house! Follow the woman or man that has a plan to make our lives better, make our pockets fatter and make our minds clearer.

10 Influential Black Leaders Assassinated For Their Beliefs

AFRICANGLOBE - The life and times of some of the greatest Black leaders ended abruptly due to a number of assassinations, and even though the tactic is gruesome, some see it as a necessary action to take against leaders who challenge their views or popularity. Ironically, the murders have turned many slain leaders into timeless heroes. With several influential Black leaders having been assassinated in recent history, here are highlight of 10 icons and their respective legacies.

Black America Has No Leader. Not Even Obama

AFRICANGLOBE - Of course, in some ways it’s a great thing for Black Americans that no one leader needs to speak for the whole community. Yet it’s worth realizing that, after he leaves office, Obama isn’t going to become a race-leader either.

Time For Old Black Leadership To Resign

AFRICANGLOBE - Jesse Jackson and every other media appointed "Black Leader" should resign, because the current condition of Black African Americans is a direct result of their poor leadership. Those unwilling to lead, must learn to follow, get out the way or be removed by “Any Means Necessary“. The suffering of Black African Americans will no longer be acceptable and ignored by politicians, preachers, teachers, social worker, administrators and police.

Black Residents In Baltimore Aim Anger At Weak “Black Leaders”

AFRICANGLOBE - “Why should I feel different that a Black woman is mayor and a Black man is chief when they’re not doing anything?” In Baltimore, a preponderance of the city’s leadership and population is Black. But that has come as little comfort to African Americans who long ago surrendered any confidence in the police department.

Can Ferguson’s Black Leaders Gain Power Next April?

AFRICANGLOBE - In April, three of Ferguson’s six city council seats are up for grabs and African-Americans have a chance to end decades of White domination. Two-thirds of the town’s 21,000 population is Black. But the mayor, more than 90 percent of the police, and all but one of the council members are White -- an imbalance that has stoked racial tensions in Ferguson long before Brown’s shooting in August.

Black Leaders – Past And Present – On Black Economic Empowerment

AFRICANGLOBE - It is absolutely critical that we, as Black folks, get serious in 2014 about maximizing our economic potential in this country. We often swear that we revere the guidance of illustrious ancestors and present day wise persons who strive to give us direction on how to best promote and protect our individual and group interests in a society that is at best a lukewarm environment for us.

Black Intellectuals Have Sold Their Souls

AFRICANGLOBE - Too many Black intellectuals have given up the hard work of thinking carefully in public about the crisis facing Black America. We have either become cheerleaders for President Obama or self-serving pundits. Our celebration of his singular achievement and our crazed desire for access have made many of us “born-again patriots.”

Philadelphia Mayor Nutter: Speaking the Truth to Black Youths

Philadelphia Mayor Michael Nutter went where few Black leaders have gone by speaking truth about the critical state of Black youth in America.