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Black Libyans Call For International Investigation Into Crimes Against Them

AFRICANGLOBE - Components of Libya's Tubu tribe in a statement demanded the release of their abducted sons immediately and unconditionally, calling on the Security Council and the international community to intervene urgently, to protect civilians and form an international commission, in order to investigate violations in the city of Murzuk, in accordance with international legislation and charters.

Western-Backed Warlord Attacks Black Cities In Southern Libya

AFRICANGLOBE - Forces from eastern Libya swept through the south and took control of oilfields in recent weeks have reinforced a base in the centre of the country and signalled to Tripoli it may be next. The United Nations, stunned by the southern advance, is scrambling to mediate between eastern commander Khalifa Haftar and Tripoli’s internationally-recognised government led by Prime Minister Fayez al-Serraj, Western diplomats say.

Black Libyans Still Facing Attacks Four Years After NATO War

AFRICANGLOBE - Since August 2011, an estimated 40,000 displaced Tawerghans have been arrested, tortured and scattered to seek informal shelters in volatile Libyan cities, from Tripoli to Benghazi. Caught between the heavy artillery of the racist warring Misratan and Zintan factions around the Tripoli airport this summer, the 1,200 Tawerghans at a Turkish construction site, known as al-Falah camp, crouched in an open basement for cover as their food storage building went up in flames.

Why Have We Forgotten About Libya?

AFRICANGLOBE - All civilians deserve protection, but some civilians deserve more protection than others. Or so it seems in Libya today. Two years ago, the U.N. Security Council authorized a military operation by NATO with a mandate to protect civilians who were under attack by Moammar Gaddafi's forces. That operation led to Gaddafi's fall.

Libya: Stop Revenge Crimes Against Black Libyans

AFRICANGLOBE - The Libyan government should take urgent steps to stop serious and ongoing human rights violations against inhabitants of the town of Tawergha, who are widely viewed as having supported Muammar Gaddafi. The forced displacement of roughly 40,000 people, arbitrary detentions, torture, and killings are widespread, systematic, and sufficiently organized to be crimes against humanity and should be condemned by the United Nations Security Council.

Thousands of Black Libyans Still Afraid to Return Home

Six months after an uprising brought down Muammar Gaddafi's government, thousands of displaced Black Libyans are still living in abandoned construction sites, empty student...

Black Libyans Barred From Returning to Their Homes by Racist Militias

Authorities in and around Misrata are preventing thousands of people from returning to the villages of Tomina and Kararim and have failed to stop...

Racist Militia Attacked Refugee Camp Killing 12 “Black” Libyans

The death toll from Sundays’s attack by the Misrata brigade on a refugee camp in Tripoli has reached 12. Doctors and locals report that two...

Three More Killed in Renewed Attacks On Black Libyans

AFRICANGLOBE - The Misrata Brigade have begun shooting at and attacking civilians in a refugee camp in Janzour containing approximately 1,500 refugees from the now obliterated town of Tawergha, close to Misrata. The area surrounding the camp has been closed off by the brigade preventing any help from reaching the refugees.

Black Libyans Make Their Stand in Sirte and Bani Walid

The assault on Libya has largely devolved into a race war, and the Black soldiers are fighting for survival against the world’s biggest lynch mob, armed to the teeth by the United States and Europe.

With The Blood Of Black Libyans Dripping From His Hands, Mustafa...

AFRICANGLOBE - President Barack Obama on Tuesday at The United Nations met with Mustafa Abdel Jalil, "chairman" of Libya's National Transition Council (NTC). The NTC "rebels" recently conducted an ethnic cleansing campaign against Black Libyans in the city of Tawergha. Earlier in the summer, the "rebels" had ethnically cleansed Misurata of its Black Libyan population.