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Milwaukee Man’s Death At Jail Run By Black White Supremacist David...

AFRICANGLOBE - Milwaukee Sheriff David Clarke has been busy on Donald Trump's campaign trail and making appearances on TV, when he probably should have been paying attention to what's going on in the jail he's in charge of. According to Milwaukee County coroners, inmate Terrill Thomas' death has been categorized as a homicide. Autopsy reports stated that Thomas died of "profound dehydration", WITI-TV reported.

Sister Of Black Man, Terrence Crutcher, Killed By Police Says He...

AFRICANGLOBE - The sister of a Black man shot and killed by a Tulsa police officer when he allegedly reached into an SUV stalled in the street said on Saturday that she does not believe her brother was armed. Terrence Crutcher, 40, died at the hospital where he was taken after he was shot by the officer at around 8 p.m. Friday, police said.

Ohio Cops Gun Down 13-Year-Old Black Teen Tyree King

AFRICANGLOBE - Police in Columbus, Ohio, claim officers were responding to a report of an armed robbery Wednesday night when they encountered a person who pulled what appeared to be a gun from his waistband. An officer opened fire, hitting this person “multiple times,” according to Columbus police officials. He was pronounced dead not long afterward. Early Thursday morning, police said the person killed was 13-year-old Tyree King.

Ferguson Activist Darren Seals Found Brutally Murdered After Being Threatened By...

AFRICANGLOBE - As police look for suspects in the death of Darren Seals, a man loved by his community, it appears that the only ‘enemies’ Seals had in the area — were police. In July, What makes this case even more suspicious is the fact that just weeks ago, Seals took to Twitter to expose how he’d been threatened by multiple cops for his activism. Seals tweeted that he and his 14-year-old brother were pulled over at gunpoint by police who warned him to “choose your enemies wisely.”

One Third Of All Americans Killed By Strangers Are Killed By...

AFRICANGLOBE - Considering reports indicating the most rapidly growing threats in America today are theft and violence perpetrated by police, would we be safer without these agencies? The notion that public policing has failed us is a fact — not a statistic. But looking at the numbers may help us attain a better understanding of where they have failed and what led these institutions to pursue policies that not only incentivize crime but also create it out of thin air — so much so that police officers are at the top of the list of threats the common American faces today.

Activist Darren Seals Found Dead In Burning Car After Ferguson Cops...

AFRICANGLOBE - A homicide investigation was underway Wednesday in St. Louis County into the fatal shooting of Ferguson activist Darren Seals, whose body was found in a burning car. County police spokesman Officer Benjamin Granda said the department's arson unit was called to assist the City of Riverview with a vehicle fire Tuesday morning. When the fire was extinguished, the body of Seals, 29, was found inside. Seals had suffered a gunshot wound, Granda said.

Black Lives Matter Protesters Shut Down London Airport?

AFRICANGLOBE - British Black Lives Matter protesters on Tuesday chained themselves together on the runway of London's City Airport, forcing all flights in and out of the business travel hub to be diverted. Police officers were negotiating with protesters, who had "erected a tripod and have locked themselves together," according to a statement from the Metropolitan Police.

White Live Matter Is A Hate Group

AFRICANGLOBE - "White Lives Matter is a white supremacist group founded by people with long histories in racist movements,” the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) wrote earlier this month on its website. “The group, which is dedicated to ‘the promotion of the white race,’ claims to have representatives in several states."

White Judge Throws Black Attorney In Jail For Wearing Black Lives...

AFRICANGLOBE - A female attorney was recently jailed in Youngstown, Ohio for refusing to remove a Black Lives Matter pin in the courtroom. Municipal Court Judge Robert Milich ruled attorney Andrea Burton was in contempt of court for refusing his orders to remove her Black Lives Matter pin while in court. Burton was sentenced to five days in jail for disobeying the judge’s order.

Congress Considering “Blue Lives Matter Act” To Protect Killer Cops

AFRICANGLOBE - Following in Louisiana’s footsteps, Congress will consider a piece of legislation called the Blue Lives Matter Act. Should the legislation pass — which appears increasingly likely given the current fictitious narrative of a war on cops in America — killing a police officer would be considered a hate crime.

‘White Lives Matter’ Movement Pines For A More Racist Past

AFRICANGLOBE - A neo-Nazi group from Texas, Aryan Renaissance Society, now promotes and publicizes White Lives Matter as “a movement dedicated to [the] promotion of the white race.” Just think of it, with the emergence of the White Lives Matter Movement, white people can venerate the good old days when they could stay even more blissfully unconscious of their white privileges than they are today — hey, what white privilege?

White House Responds To Petition To Label Black Lives Matter Hashtag...

AFRICANGLOBE - After days of violence and heightened racial tensions in the U.S., the White House responded this week to an asinine online petition asking the federal government to formally label the Black Lives Matter movement as a "terror group."

Ex-Cop Urges ‘Lone Wolf’ Attacks Against Black Activists

AFRICANGLOBE - Former police officer and ardent Donald Trump supporter has put out a "clarion call" for "lone wolf patriots" to join him at the GOP convention in Cleveland this summer to confront Black Lives Matter demonstrators. "I am encouraging patriots and Trump supporters and those that support liberty and freedom to come lawfully armed with lethal and non-lethal weaponry," Stachowiak said.

Man Vandalised His Own Car, Blames It On Black Lives Matter

AFRICANGLOBE - A white male was arrested for filing a false police report claiming that Black Lives Matter supporters vandalised his truck. Scott Lattin from Texas, was arrested on Friday (Sept 18) on a misdemeanor charge after officials realised that he was responsible for scrawling “Black Lives Matter” and other graffiti on his pickup truck, as part of a hoax.

“War On Cops” Debunked: Police Killings At Lowest Level In Decades

AFRICANGLOBE - “War on police” is the new slogan, and no rhetoric is more theatrical than that of Sheriff David Clarke, who is making regular appearances on the infotainment channel. Fox News’ token friend is suggesting there is an epidemic of police killings spurred by Obama’s war on police.

Texas White Supremacist Threatens To Avenge Deputy By Hunting Down And...

AFRICANGLOBE - He picked up a shotgun and cocked it. “The last fricking thing some of you sons of b*tches will ever hear is that noise when we’re out there, when we come in your goddamn house,” Ener warned. “Don’t ever threaten another cop in Texas, don’t ever threaten another white person. You Black bastards, you goddamn Panthers and sh*t, try to come to another town and try to march — see what happens to you.”