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Effigies Of Black Men And Women Found Hanging On UC Berkeley...

AFRICANGLOBE - Amid national protests decrying police brutality, three effigies of Black people were discovered hanging by a noose on the Berkeley campus at the University of California.

Private Prisons Are Packed With Black Inmates – Study

AFRICANGLOBE - A new study by a UC-Berkeley graduate student has surprised a number of experts in the criminology field. Its main finding: Private prisons are packed with young Black men and women.

How Slavery Led To Modern Capitalism

AFRICANGLOBE - To understand slavery's centrality to the rise of American capitalism, just consider the history of an Alabama dry-goods store called Lehman Brothers or a Rhode Island textile manufacturer that would become the antecedent firm of Berkshire Hathaway Inc.

Study Finds Blacks Blocked From Southern Juries

AFRICANGLOBE - Excluding jurors based on race has been illegal since 1875, but after Reconstruction, all-White juries remained the norm in the South. today, the practice of excluding Blacks and other minorities from Southern juries remains widespread and largely unchecked