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Black Fathers Are Doing Best Of All

AFRICANGLOBE - While it is true that Black parents are less likely to marry before a child is born, it is not true that Black fathers suffer a pathology of neglect. In fact, a C.D.C. report issued in December 2013 found that Black fathers were the most involved with their children daily, on a number of measures, of any other group of fathers — and in many cases, that was among fathers who didn’t live with their children, as well as those who did.

How Systemic Racism Entangles All Police Officers — Even Black Ones

AFRICANGLOBE - Systemic racism,which has been part of the US since its founding, can corrupt anyone's view of minorities in America. In the case of police, all cops are dealing with enormous cultural and systemic forces that build racial bias against minority groups.

The Drug War: The Primary Reason Why 1.5 Million Black Men...

AFRICANGLOBE - The primary reasons 1.5 million men are missing from their communities is because they are behind bars or because of early death, the story noted. The numbers are shocking and offensive.

1.5 Million Black Men Are Missing

AFRICANGLOBE - In the parts of the country with large African-American populations, thousands upon thousands of Black men are missing. There are 1.5 million fewer prime-age Black men (25 to 54) living in their communities than Black women, census data show.

The War On Black Masculinity

AFRICANGLOBE - It should be obvious by now: true Black masculinity is under attack here in America. Like never before. And yes, I'm connecting the war on unarmed Black men with the gaying of Black culture, because it's the same dang war being fought on two different fronts.

The Genocide Continues! Brazil’s Military Police Kill 15 Black Men In...

AFRICANGLOBE - It’s shameful, sickening and saddening how often this news of police assassinations of Afro-Brazilian males comes out of Brazil. We’ve long called it genocide as has Amnesty International as there appears to be a clear agenda to decrease the Black male population with lethal force. How else can you explain the horrendous numbers of police murders that clearly has a preference for skin color?

The Myth That There Are More Black Men In Prison Than...

AFRICANGLOBE - While the scary statistic was probably handy for creating some drama around the plight of Black men, it's not accurate, and probably never was. Repeating this false statement does far more harm than good.

Stop And Frisk: NYPD’s ‘Broken Windows’ Policing ‘Criminalizes’ Black Men

AFRICANGLOBE - “The mayor says ‘stop and frisk’ is over and now we’re all going to enjoy the fruits of economic development together. The truth is that now there are more unmarked police cars, plainclothes officers, and cops still target young men who look like me.”

Browning Nation: What’s Really Behind White America’s “Fear” Of Black Men?

AFRICANGLOBE - White fear of Black men is inextricable linked to the “genetic survival” of White people. The thought of rising population rates of Blacks apparently scares some White people who see a world already filled with too many Black people.

Black Officers Torn Between Duty And Race

AFRICANGLOBE - With the nation roiled by two grand juries' recent decisions not to indict white police officers in the deaths of unarmed Black men, some Black officers say that as they enforce the law, they also wonder whether the system they're sworn to uphold is stacked against Black men.

Black Voters Lack Clout In Obama White House

AFRICANGLOBE - In 2008 and 2012, more than 90 percent of Africans in America voted for Obama, and they have continually provided high support for Obama, despite the stalled economy. That steady support has left them with little or no apparent political leverage on economic issues in the White House.

‘Cat-Call’ Viral Video Meant To Distort The Image Of Black Men

AFRICANGLOBE - Whilst there is no excuse for this whatsoever let us examine what this video is trying to say. Is it saying that White men don’t harass women? Is this video saying that White women cannot walk through Black neighbourhoods without being harassed? Yes. And that’s a lie and a slur on Black men.

Black Men – The New Exploited Female

AFRICANGLOBE - Black men, despite their obvious macho postures are actually the pussycats of the economy. Black men between the ages of 16 and 25 are more likely to be unemployed than any other group of people. This is tantamount to castration of our young men, or at the very least neutering. You see why I say that Black men are really just pussycats?

For Black Men Its A Permanent Recession

AFRICANGLOBE - Six years after America sank into the deepest economic downturn since the 1930s, the jobless rate has fallen to 5.9 percent, the lowest since July 2008. But one demographic group — African-American men — seems to be stuck in a permanent recession.

Jon Burge, Ex-Chicago Cop Who Ran Torture Ring, Released From Prison

AFRICANGLOBE - A former Chicago police commander who for decades ran a torture ring that used electrical shock, burning and beatings on more than 100 black men has been released from federal prison after spending less than four years behind bars.

5 Reasons Why Black Women Should Never Give Up On Black...

AFRICANGLOBE - As a Black woman if I were to rely on the media’s portrayal of the Black man I would be running in the other direction. Black men are said to be deadbeats, criminals, thugs and just no good. And of course all Black men are dropping Black women like flies right. WRONG!