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When Traffic Stops Go Bad — How Cops Demean Black Men

AFRICANGLOBE - Traffic stops by police in urban communities go bad far too frequently because of patrol policies that demean and rob minority residents of their dignity -- especially African American males.

The War On Drugs is Ruining Black Lives

In a 1996 routine that makes prolific use of a potent racial epithet - and not in a way that can be called endearing...

New Research: Black Men Not Underrepresented in Colleges

To improve the graduation rates among Black men, the Congressional Black Caucus Foundation aims to dispel the notion that this group is underrepresented in...

Black Men: Not A Lost Cause

AFRICANGLOBE - Two important reports by philanthropic groups dedicated to improving the lot of Black men have just been released, adding a measure of hope to the gloomy and depressing tone that normally accompanies media reports on the state of Black men.

Exploding the Myth of the “Dead Beat Dad”

You've heard the rumors, for they are everywhere, and although unproven, they still resonate as facts throughout much of American society. The untruth that...

The Modern Black Father and the “Feminization” of Black Men

With the rate of unemployment reaching record highs across the U.S. in the last few years, many men are at home while the women...

Keys to Black Men’s Perserverance

A new study finds that despite enduring more hardships and coming face-to-face with as much societal strife than at any other point in history,...

Child Support: Enslaving Black Men

What I am “against” is women hustling their wombs SPECIFICALLY for the sole purpose of collecting a child support check. What I am “against” is child support being limited or perceived as just financial assistance.

Top 10 Myths About Black America – A Must Read

AFRICANGLOBE - Black America, If you haven’t read the works of Chancellor Williams of George James, you may still be amongst the thinking Blacks who realize that misinformation about the standing of Africans and Black America has been the order of the day for centuries.

The Economic Destruction Caused by Black Mass Incarceration

Last year I spoke at the penitentiary.  I talked to the guys about entrepreneurship, post prison opportunity and beginning to plan now for when they...

Black Men Unfairly Targeted in Riot Coverage

Black Men were unfairly targeted in media coverage of the recent UK riots, claimed a majority of readers who voted in a recent British online poll.

BBC Forced to Apologise Over Biased Riot Coverage

Readers of a British Newspaper were left outraged after the BBC aired a controversial debate, which asked whether there was a ‘problem with young black men,’ following the recent riot in Tottenham.