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Credit Card Debt Threatens Black Middle Class

AFRICANGLOBE - Middle-class Blacks are using credit to help cover their basic living expenses, according to a report from the NAACP and public policy research organization, Demos. In the recession’s aftermath, 79 percent of middle-class African-American households carry credit card debt.

South Africa’s Black Middle Class On the Rise

AFRICANGLOBE - The latest study on South Africa's Black middle class, has found that the annual spend of the country's Black middle class began pulling ahead of their White counterparts in 2008, and has since skyrocketed to.

Black Middle Class Slammed By The New Economic Order

As the country continues to wrestle with economic recovery, the once surging Black middle class has seen a devastating loss of wealth. Statistics documenting the...

America’s Vanishing Black Middle Class

A chapter in the National Urban League’s 2012 State of Black America report reached a sobering conclusion about the Black middle class. “Our analysis of...

George Bush and Obama Destroyed the Black Middle Class

In June, a poll conducted by the largest social network for African Americans, BlackPlanet.com, and NewsOne.com of 1,100 African Americans, revealed that 88 percent of them believe the economy has been better under President Obama than former President George W. Bush.