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White Police Officer Says He Was Fired For Not Shooting Black...

AFRICANGLOBE - Stephen Mader, a white police officer from the Weirton Police Department who was fired after deciding not to shoot a Black male suspect, has filed a federal lawsuit against the department and won a settlement for wrongful termination last February. A recent story from ProPublica unveils the whole story that surrounds what happened that night in 2016.

X Factor Winner Dalton Harris Forced To Leave Britain

AFRICANGLOBE - Dalton Harris won the X Factor on Sunday night to the delight of fans across the Britain - but he won't be staying in the UK for much longer.

Remembering Fred Hampton, A Giant Among Men

AFRICANGLOBE - I remember Fred Hampton.  For the last year of his life, which was the whole time I knew him, he was Deputy Chairman of the Illinois Chapter of the Black Panther Party.  Fred was a big man whose inexhaustible energy, keen insight and passionate commitment to the struggle made him seem even larger still.  We called him Chairman Fred.  Chairman Fred was murdered by the FBI and Chicago Police Department in the pre-dawn hours of December 4, 1969.  He was just 21 years old.  Fred’s family and comrades mourned him for a little while and have celebrated his life of struggle, service, intensity and sacrifice ever since.

Forgive Me Masa: Marc Lamont Hill Apologize For Pro Palestine Remarks

AFRICANGLOBE - Marc Lamont Hill has apologized for recent comments he made during a UN speech that called for “a free Palestine from the river to the sea.” Many, including his employers at CNN, rebuked it as anti-Semitic, but the college professor always maintained that at the heart of his comments was a message of peace. Over the weekend in an op-ed for The Philadelphia Inquirer, Hill apologized for the harm his words may have caused.

In Atlanta, 80% Of Black Children Live In High-Poverty Neighborhoods!

AFRICANGLOBE - For generations, Atlanta, Georgia has been considered the "Black Mecca" because so many local Black Americans are succeeding in politics and business. But that reputation has seemingly gone now that it is actually ranked by a recent analysis as the number one worst city with the greatest income disparity which greatly affects minorities.

Newly Released Body Cam Video Shows Milwaukee Cops Gunning Down Teen...

AFRICANGLOBE - Jerry Smith Jr is a Black Milwaukee teen who was unarmed when he was shot by police. Jerry Smith Jr. was shot by Milwaukee Police in August of 2017 while unarmed. Smith, who was holding only a cell phone, is seen spreading his arms and going to the ground when police opened fire in a newly released body camera video.

Its His Fault: Alabama Cops New Explanation For Shooting Wrong Man

AFRICANGLOBE - Alabama police say a Black man mistaken for an active shooter during a mall shooting had "heightened the sense of threat" by drawing his own firearm after shots rang out. Emantic Fitzgerald Bradford Jr, 21, had "brandished a gun" as police responded to Thursday's incident at the shopping centre near Birmingham, they said. Police initially said Mr Bradford, a US Army veteran, was the gunman, before backtracking on Friday. Police initially said Mr Bradford, a US Army veteran, was the gunman, before backtracking on Friday.

Wrong Man Killed By Alabama Police In Mall Shooting

AFRICANGLOBE - Police responding to a shooting at a mall in Alabama apparently shot and killed the wrong person — a Black man — leaving the suspected gunman at large following a violent episode that wounded two others on Thanksgiving night.

Bill Cosby Just Sold A Valuable Painting And Took Out A...

AFRICANGLOBE - You probably weren't in need of additional evidence that things aren't exactly going great for Bill Cosby. He's currently in prison, serving a 3-10 year sentence on charges of sexual assault, and now he and his wife Camille Cosby are looking to shore up their capital reserves. The first step? They've sold a valuable piece of their extensive art collection. Step two? They've taken out a loan against their vast art collection which has been described as one of the best in America.

Do Black People In Britain Have A Home To Fight For?

AFRICANGLOBE - Poppies and remembrance services call to mind ideas of sacrifice for one’s own country – but the experience of being Black in Britain brings up the question of whether it ever feels like your own country at all.

In White America, Committing Crime Is Freedom

AFRICANGLOBE - All of a sudden, crime becomes freedom. Crime is actually freedom. This is the nature of White America. There are only two factors that entice the US Government to legalize a substance like Cannabis (Weed), Heroin or Hemp: (1) A significant number of white Americans must actively use and produce it and (2) The US government must be able to fully tax the production and sale of the substance.

Feeding Our Black Neighborhoods – The Gantt Report

AFRICANGLOBE - Many of the people in the hood that don’t die a natural, physical death will surely die an economic death if they don’t ever learn that in a capitalist society, capital is the primary motivating factor. In an economic sense, every since the first person of African descent stepped off of a slave ship and set foot on an American shore, Black people have never been properly fed! We have worked and didn’t get paid. We have contributed and didn’t get recognized. We have supported and we ended up getting used and ignored!

After The Rape Of Theo: Who Will Protect Our People From...

AFRICANGLOBE - For more than a week, France has been rocked by tensions that flared up over a police officer raping and beating a 22-year-old Black man called Theo. This brutal aggression is the latest police violation to dominate headlines in France. When state violence becomes systematic and rarely punished, the society falls into a vicious cycle where violence only triggers more violence. The case of Theo is a natural outcome of the failure of the state - on all levels - to combat racism, discrimination and put an end to police violence and abuses against the Black inhabitants of the suburbs.

French Students Set Fire To Bins In Latest ‘Justice For Théo’...

AFRICANGLOBE - Pupils carried bins and barriers to block the entrance to more than a dozen schools across Paris. The anti-police protests were organised by the Mouvement Inter Luttes Indépendant, an organisation run by anti-establishment and anti-fascist activists and students. Word of the spontaneous demonstrations and school blockades was spread across social media thanks to the hashtag "#BlocusPourThéo" (#BlocadeForThéo) on Wednesday night, in response to the young Black youth who was raped by a policeman with a baton.

Texas Man Gets New Hearing After ‘Racist’ Death Sentence

AFRICANGLOBE - The U.S. Supreme Court ordered a new hearing for Black Texas prison inmate Duane Buck Wednesday after he said his rights were violated when jurors wrongfully received word that “he was more likely to be dangerous in the future because he was Black.”

White Supremacist Jeff Sessions Issues Directive Not To Close Private Prisons

AFRICANGLOBE - White supremacist Attorney General Jeff Sessions has revoked a directive established during the Obama administration about phasing out the use of private prisons.