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Harlot Who Instigated The Savage Murder Of Emmett Till Will Not...

AFRICANGLOBE - For decades, Carolyn Bryant Donham remained silent as millions of Americans forced themselves to believe that Emmett Till whistled at her, grabbed her and verbally accosted her, before the two men kidnapped him in the pre-dawn hours of August 26, 1955. A new book about the murder is out and the woman whose false accusations led to the brutal killing of the 14-year-old confessed that her story was a lie. Like Till’s killers, Carolyn Bryant Donham will not be brought to justice or face any charges for perjury.

Water Lead Levels In Bronx Public School ‘Higher Than Flint, Michigan’

AFRICANGLOBE - A public school in the Bronx has been found to have 16 times the level of lead in its water supply than was recorded in Flint, Michigan, according to recent Department of Education tests. The tests were carried out by the DOE in conjunction with the Department of Health and Mental Hygiene and the Department of Environmental Protection.

France’s President Visits Black Man Who Was Raped And Beaten By...

AFRICANGLOBE - French President, Francois Hollande has gone to hospital to visit the man known as Theo who was raped and beaten by French police officers with a baton on 2nd February 2017. A spokesperson for the police said that 8 officers could have been killed during the second of three nights of violence the incident has sparked in the Paris suburbs.

New England Patriot Martellus Bennett Will Not Visit Trump White House

AFRICANGLOBE - New England Patriot quarterback Tom Brady and coach Bill Belichick may be all palsy walsy with President Trump, but tight end Martellus Bennett says he will skip the customary visit with the president that Superbowl champions usually make. Bennett has been vocal in his opposition to Trump and Trumpism.

10-Year-Old Boy Invents Device To Prevent Hot Car Deaths

AFRICANGLOBE - The number of children who overheated and died inside cars increased across the country last year, and Texas had the highest number of cases. Now a 10-year-old boy from McKinney has invented what he hopes is a life-saving tool that every parent could use. Bishop Curry V says he was inspired to create a device he calls "Oasis" after a baby died in a hot minivan last summer outside a home in Melissa.

Africa: The West And The Rest Of Us

AFRICANGLOBE - The West and the Rest of Us is a well-researched book written by Chinweizu. Published in 1978, the book is as pertinent today as it was in the 1980s and 1990s. Chinweizu, a Nigerian author, dedicated his book to victims of the West's assault upon the rest of us, especially to Amerindians and Aborigines of Australasia who were exterminated and expropriated, millions of Africans who were enslaved in the Americas, countless Africans who died resisting European invasion and occupation, soldiers from the Third World who were conscripted to fight and protect western empires, Third World liberation fighters who have struggled for a better future for their people, and to all of us who want to achieve a just, non-imperialist and enduring peace with prosperity for all humankind.

Riots In France After Black Man Is Beaten And Raped By...

AFRICANGLOBE - Riots broke out on Saturday evening in the poor housing estate in Aulnay-sous-Bois, in the northeastern suburbs of Paris, in protest against police brutality. Four officers have been charged with using excessive violence and raping an innocent 22-year-old, Théo, with a police baton.

Protests Erupt In France After Black Man Is Beaten And Raped...

AFRICANGLOBE - A 22-year-old Black youth worker was arrested in France and allegedly raped with a baton, leading to accusations of police brutality and street protests calling for justice. Theo suffered severe anal injuries which required surgery. He also suffered injuries to the head and face. Interior Minister Bruno Le Roux confirmed late on Sunday that all four officers had been suspended during the investigation, adding that exemplary conduct and respect "must guide the behaviour of security forces at all times".

Is Donald Trump Making America Safe Or Unsafe? A Scorecard

AFRICANGLOBE - The short answer is it’s too soon to tell. His Office of the Press Secretary claims otherwise, saying “(i)n only two weeks, President Trump delivers on his promise to make America safe again.”

Monkey Chants At Black Players Is Still A Thing In France

AFRICANGLOBE - A furious Mario Balotelli asked fans if racism was “legal in France” after the Nice striker accused Bastia supporters of abusing him during his team’s 1-1 Ligue 1 draw on Friday, prompting a French League investigation. The Italian posted a message on his Instagram page on Saturday, saying the incident was a “real shame”

Too Long: NYPD Thugs To Start Wearing Body Cameras In 2019

AFRICANGLOBE - A new contract agreement between Mayor Bill de Blasio and the New York Police Department’s union, will require 20,000 officers to wear body cameras under the country’s largest body camera program. While the agreement still has to be ratified by NYPD's nearly 24,000 police union members, it envisages that all officers below the rank of sergeant will wear body cameras by the end of 2019.

Supreme Court Nominee: Neil Gorsuch Is A Smooth Talking Anti-Black Hypocrite

AFRICANGLOBE - Neil Gorsuch, 49, poised to be the next Justice of the U.S. Supreme Court was introduced to the world on Monday. Despite Donald Trump’s theatrical tricks, Gorsuch is a serious social conservative about whom civil rights leaders are expressing deep concern.

Carolyn Bryant Donham, The White Woman Who Caused Emmett Till’s Murder...

AFRICANGLOBE - More than six decades after the horrific, racially-motivated murder of Emmett Till, the White woman who accused the Chicago teenager of verbally and physically accosting her in Money, Miss., in 1955, has admitted she lied, according to a new book.

Google, Facebook Purge Alleged “Fake News” Sites

AFRICANGLOBE - Under increased scrutiny for supporting the spread of false and misleading news, Google and Facebook are taking steps to purge networks of several hundred fake news sites. On Wednesday, Google announced it had reviewed some 550 sites since its policy changes, permanently banning nearly 200 published sites and temporarily cutting off another 140 sites from the company ad dollar source.

These Arabs Voted For White Supremacy, Now Their Relatives Are Banned...

AFRICANGLOBE - A Syrian family living in Allentown, Pennsylvania just watched their relatives get deported right in front of them by the administration they voted for. Assali said her vote for Donald Trump was done out of a desire to see secure borders, though she didn’t expect one of her candidate’s chief campaign promises to be applied to her relatives.

Mexican President Cancels US Trip Over Border Wall

AFRICANGLOBE - President of Mexico Enrique Peña Nieto has canceled his trip to Washington, following US President Donald Trump’s order to begin construction on the border wall between the two countries.