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Racism Is Making The Wuhan Coronavirus Worse Among Black People

AFRICANGLOBE - “Long before COVID-19, Black communities were experiencing deep health and economic inequities that are only intensified by a public health crisis of this magnitude.” The COVID-19 global pandemic is a nightmare unfolding before our eyes that could have devastating impacts that Black Americans could feel most acutely. With scarce testing, health care workers and ventilators there are signs that Black communities across the country are bearing the brunt  of an inept federal response.

Yes, You Absolutely Can And Should Question Kamala Harris’ Blackness

AFRICANGLOBE - When Black people question Kamala’s Blackness they also invariably question the prevailing paradigm that anyone in America with just a tint of West African blood should and must be regarded as Black instead of the other. That is not Black essentialism. That is white essentialism.

Israel: No Country For Black People

AFRICANGLOBE - Recently, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu announced that African refugees had three months to get out of the country.Describing African refugees numbering about 40,000 as “infiltrators”, Netanyahu said they had two choices. They could either accept a once-off payment of $3500 (R42300) and relocate to another African country or spend the rest of their life in jail in Israel.

We Have The Evidence!: Kamala Harris Identifies As INDIAN Not BLACK!

AFRICANGLOBE - There has been much controversy regarding the Kamala Harris' record as a district attorney in California and her ethnic identity. The following article written based on an interview of Kamala Harris' aunt, Dr. Sarala Gopalan, and published by an Indian newspaper should erase all doubt as to who Kamala Harris really is, and how she identifies herself to the people who are closest and dearest to her.

How To Sell To Black People

AFRICANGLOBE - To encourage advertisers to reach out to African American consumers. The Secret of Selling the Negro depicts the lives, activities, and consumer behavior of African American professionals, students, and housewives. A Business Screen reviewer noted that the film focused on the “bright positive” aspects of the “new Negro family.”

Why Do White People Hate Us So Much?

ARICANGLOBE - Several months ago, I wrote an article claiming that one of the driving forces behind white racism and animosity toward Black people is that of retaliation. In summary, on a deep, subconscious level the white collective has inherited from its ancient and medieval ancestors an entrenched resentment of Black people. I believe we as a people should pause, gather our wits about us and calmly evaluate the true nature of white racism toward us. We are not just facing racial prejudice and intolerance but, rather, a deep-seated, visceral, reflexive loathing of Black people by whites on a global.

Dear Black Americans: Do Not Vote In 2020

AFRICANGLOBE - The Africans of New America did not fight in all of America’s wars in order to vote for which European-man or European-woman should ascend to the seat of Head of Plantation. Native Blacks of New America did not fight for the right to choose which “House Negro” must represent the “master” on the fields either.

Black People Why Live Amongst Your Enemy

AFRICANGLOBE - The idea is simple, I work hard for what I have, and I have a RIGHT to live wherever I choose. Basically, white people don’t have to like us, but you will respect our right to live. That has always been the goal, right? Have we taken into consideration what living amongst our enemies can do to us mentally, or to our children? Should our kids be exposed to racism where they lay their heads? What price are we willing to pay to prove a point?

Black People Must Never Forget

AFRICANGLOBE - In academic and political lectures, when I refer to the negative psychological and economic impact slavery has had on Black people, my questioners usually retort: "You have to bring up slavery again?" The same people who object to my bringing up slavery's impact upon Black people have no objections when Jews urge their people: "Never forget!" This raises the question: Why should Black people forget about slavery when Haiti, well into the 20th century, paid reparations to France for having fought for and won their freedom?

The Biggest Forms Of Psychological Warfare Used Against Black People

The System has declared psychological warfare against us and many of us are very unaware and ignorantly blind to the psychological warfare that is being constantly used against us. Intro: Here are the biggest forms of psychological warfare The System uses against Black people in America.

The Good Old Days Of White Supremacy Is Today – The...

AFRICANGLOBE - On January 20, 2017, in a lot of ways, African Americans will revisit their past. “Back in the day” will become today! Similar to the period of governmental and legal systems labeled “Jim Crow” (or n*gger laws), it appears Black people in the United States today should consider preparing themselves for increased targeting.

The Trump/King Minstrel Show, And The Con Game

AFRICANGLOBE - Don King?! Folks, if you want any more proof that Donald trump doesn’t care about Black people, look no further than the African American he chose to have at his side for this important moment in time.

American Police More Likely To Kill Black People – Study

AFRICANGLOBE - New research from Drexel University released Tuesday acknowledged that racial bias plays a role in police shootings. Dr. James Buehler, the study’s author and sole researcher, concluded that Black people are 2.8 and 1.7 times more likely to lose their lives during encounters with police than White people and Hispanics, respectively.

Black People And Fake News – The Gantt Report

AFRICANGLOBE - Most news reports have always been fake, or at least, lacking in factual content. The idiotic idea that “fake news” just began with Hillary Clinton’s loss to President Donald Trump is laughable. It is easy to fake news stories in the United States because Americans love less information. They want their news in bits. They prefer the sound bite over the documentary. They enjoy news that is quick, fast and easy and hate to have to read more than a paragraph, news they can listen to for only a minute or two and broadcast news that lasts shorter than the Viagra commercials that follow it!

Will Obama Regret Not Doing More For Black Americans?

AFRICANGLOBE - Walk into a Black family function, make yourself a plate of food and then yell, “Obama hasn’t done anything for black people!” Watch how quickly your plate is snatched. You’ll be attacked from all angles, called every name and probably thrown out face-first. Black people have been the ultimate Obama apologists. The last eight years have been a constant string of excuses for what he hasn’t done.

Barack Obama’s Hollow Legacy

AFRICANGLOBE - Obama’s legacy is in tatters, and that is good news. The most obvious example of Obama’s lack of substance was his relationship with Black Americans. His disdain and contempt for the people who loved him the most was clear to anyone who paid attention. Jokes about “cousin Pookie” and parents serving fried chicken for breakfast should have been seen as the racist screeds they clearly were. But the desire to see a Black face in a prominent place endures to our detriment.