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Half The Black Population Missing Because 20 Million Black Babies Are...

AFRICANGLOBE - “The Total Fertility Rate for Black American’s is 1.8, which is below the replacement level fertility rate of 2.1 or the rate at which a generation can replace itself. “Our best estimates, based on a projection of the most recent data through the current period, is that the current cumulative number of abortions from 1967 through June of this year is 59.4 million, of which an estimated 20,350,000 are Black American abortions.” “Considering that the total current Black American population is about 42,000,000, the 20,350,000 Black American abortions are equal to 48.45% of the total Black American population.

Brazil: Judge Absolves Death Squad Members Who Killed 12 Black Men...

AFRICANGLOBE - One must really ask if there is a such thing as justice. When it involved police and black youth in Brazil it seems the answer is no. As black males are consistently stopped, harassed, brutalized and murdered at alarming rates, today’s report once again gives credence to anyone who believes that justice doesn’t exist in Brazil.

Israel’s War On Its Black Population

AFRICANGLOBE - A 55-year-old citizen of Ethiopia, whose ex-wife and four children are Israeli citizens, has reportedly been held for about a month in the Saharonim concentration camp in the south of the country, pending deportation from Israel despite being eligible for permanent residency.

Increasing Black Wealth And Economic Mobility

AFRICANGLOBE - Wealth is crucial for mobility. A family with a house and some investments can give its children a good start in life, a boost up the ladder, as it were, and eventually pass their property, real and financial, onto those children. Most White families are able in this way to help their children to eventually surpass them in income and wealth. With Black families it is another story.

The Temperature Of Black America

AFRICANGLOBE - Dignity comes from positive self-identity. This means we must acknowledge that we are "Black and proud." We have to stop relying upon the false premises and promises of "post-racial America." We must once again clearly articulate our interests as a people and hold our leaders accountable for promoting these interests.

The Tragic, Bloody Origins Of The Dominican Republic’s Plan To Erase...

AFRICANGLOBE - The womb of Hispaniola is in pain and, by tomorrow, could be a war zone. The hate against Haitians in the Dominican Republic has become increasingly alarming. As we have gotten closer to the deportation deadline, hate crimes have been very visible, with Haitians being lynched in broad daylight.

The Imprisoned Woman In Brazil Is Young, Black And With Low...

AFRICANGLOBE - Brazil is quickly increasing its stake in a “prison planet”. This is one conclusion that one could come if we take a quick glance and the reports and numbers. The numbers also paint a grim future for the poor Black population. According to one May 2015 report, of Brazil’s 720,000 prisoners (1), 70% are Black, young and poor while 80% of the victims of homicides are Black and poor.

Another Black Business Owner Is Being Forced Out Of Detroit

AFRICANGLOBE - Earlier this year we reported on two Black business owners who felt they were being wrongly evicted from their leases. The story is one that's becoming more and more popular as Detroit becomes increasingly gentrified. As new owners purchase buildings, many long-time tenants are being forced out.

Gentrification And The Death Of Black Communities

AFRICANGLOBE - There is no city in this country where Black people are safe from the current method of displacement known as “gentrification.” Washington, D.C. once had a majority Black population and was known as “Chocolate City.” Perhaps it is now the “Café au Lait City,” as the Black population has fallen below 50 percent. That dynamic gathers steam in New York and other cities and continues to push people out of their homes, deprive them of needed services and erode their quality of life.

Is The FBI Flying Secret Spy Planes In Your City?

AFRICANGLOBE - The FBI is operating a number of low-flying planes across the country with video and cellphone surveillance technology. All of these operations are taking place behind fake companies which serve as fronts.

Brazil: Police Operation ‘Black Machine III’ Gun Down Two More Black...

AFRICANGLOBE - “Wanderson was going to buy bread for his 4-year old son. Suddenly, a Civil (Police) helicopter came down. He and the minor were frightened and ran into a house that has a bakery. The police didn’t even ask if he was a worker. They came in shooting in cowardice. They executed my brother. It wasn’t a stray bullet, it was a homicide,”

Anti-Black Racism Exposed In Israel, America

AFRICANGLOBE - Ethiopian Israelis, long the victims of systematic racial discrimination in Israel, evoked the spirit of Baltimore and demanded an end to discrimination and police brutality. However, it was in the liberal bastion of Tel Aviv that the protests turned into a battle zone between the police and Ethiopian Israelis.

As Caribbean Immigration Rises, Miami’s Black Population Becomes More Foreign

AFRICANGLOBE - One in three Black residents in Miami is now an immigrant, a reflection of a nationwide trend that shows immigrants making up a rising share of the country’s Black population, according to a new Pew Research Center study.

Black Immigration Is Remaking U.S. Black Population – Report

AFRICANGLOBE - The most recent wave of Black immigration began in the 1960s after U.S. immigration laws were changed. In recent years, the pace has increased. The most recent Census Bureau estimates show that immigration accounted for 25 percent of the growth in the U.S. Black population between 2010 and July 2013

Disgraceful! Brazilian TV Program Satirizes The Sale Of Slaves Using White...

AFRICANGLOBE - Brazil’s top TV network Globo broadcasts a comedy program Tá no Ar, meaning ‘it’s on the air’, that recently aired a skit in which it satirized the sale of Black slaves in a satirical skit using the Brazilian retail store Casas Bahia as the backdrop. Casas Bahia could be translated as ‘Bahia houses’, referring to the northeastern state of Bahia that has the country's largest Black population.

Ferguson Shooting: It Could Be Time For Washington To Intervene Directly

AFRICANGLOBE - Ferguson’s basic problem – a Black town run by whites – is not isolated. It persists in towns across the South and border states like Missouri, a hangover from an era of racial discrimination. But if events there are left to fester, the situation could mirror Selma in 1965.